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Fatal Swipe

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About Me / /
I slightly consider myself a femme fatal.
I love to mess with a persons mind, and,
if i am lucky, completely ruin them.
So all in all i guess im not a nice person.
I'm also pretty perverted. So watch out!
Blood is amazing. Yea. im a major masochist.

The Gaia/Fatal Relationship / /
I've been playing for about 2 years now.
I know all the scams, so dont even try.
I also will not give you any of my items,
like i said, i'm not a nice person.
I make my avatar by my own personal setting;
meaning i dont pick the most expensive things.
Gtfo if you are a clutter av person. Unsightly.

- - i l o v e p i n e a p p l e s - -

Profile Information / /
It's all Mukuro-Sama from Reborn!

Favourite Animes/Manga / /
Bleach, Reborn, Vampire Knight, Blood ,
Death Note, Code Geass, Special A,
Perfect Girl Evolution, FMA, Inuyasha

し ん じ ゅ