Reinvention of F a s c i s t.

Basically my Art Whoring Account.
I love random art requests.
I have gotten a lot better but no time to scan.
Gawd Damn if you do send me a PM put all the relevant info there.
Honestly If I feel like doing it, I might PM you back to clarify stuff but Honestly I'm a lazy ********.
It may take a while to get your art depending on schedule etc.
I try to get them done fast because I hate waiting to see the result too.
Mmm kinda like random music too.
Send me a song, band, lyrics w/e.
Random Role Play?
Sure why not?

Takes a lot to get me pissed off honestly, so yeah.

I have Bi-Polar like tendencies so yah, oh I get frustrated sometimes.

Sparkle's DA. May or may not be updated.


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Fascist_Breeze's Militaristic Training Guides

Kay I went emo for a second. A guide to being just like me. I josh I josh. Boot camp for j00.



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Silent r a v i n g

Report | 12/25/2008 11:31 pm

Silent r a v i n g

Hey hey. User Image

It's Kai_Yagami. xD I just changed my Username.

How are you? ;3; It's been forever. <33

Report | 12/04/2008 12:33 am


hey its been awhile since I've gotten around to messageing anyone. hows it going?

Report | 07/15/2008 9:11 am


kiss me im dominican

Report | 06/19/2008 5:20 pm

kiss me im dominican

-poke- User Image
BlackListedLover Jeff

Report | 05/29/2008 12:14 pm

BlackListedLover Jeff

Hey dude,how you been? And ummm...... awesome page

Report | 05/17/2008 7:20 pm


I love tigers too! User Image

lol Sorry had to come out random but System of a down is the Best!! User Image

Anyways love the profile and your drawings. xD x3
Balthier Rosenheim

Report | 04/16/2008 5:47 pm

Balthier Rosenheim

xD Do all girls swoon over Johny? Gawd, between him, me, and Sarah, he is my arch rival! XD lolz!!!

Report | 04/16/2008 11:28 am


where'd my littlest sis run off to!????
Balthier Rosenheim

Report | 04/12/2008 2:22 am

Balthier Rosenheim

<w< Butter scotch? X3 lolz! *random comment*

Report | 04/09/2008 1:46 pm


so what've ya been doing lately now that your all like a year older?


. S T A L K E R of the nubian prince .

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