~* creepy on the outside, cuddly on the inside *~

i'm an old lady compared to most people on gaia, probably. i made this account in 2006 when i was a teenager, forgot about it for ten years, resurrected it on a whim out of boredom to cringe at my old posts, then decided to delete them all and start over because why not.

i may change the name at one point, but i doubt it.

i'm one of those weird people who loves spooky things and wishes it was halloween year round.

i generally try to be a kind person. i love going out of my way to make people smile, despite being painfully shy.

i'm always trying to improve myself as a person, inside and out. 改善

i like meeting new people and hearing their stories, but i'm not much of a talker myself.

i have a boyfriend of almost seven years who i love dearly, and we have a baby together.
and by baby, i mean an orange tabby named thor who's a lovable little s**t ♥

i spend most of my free time mentally writing poems and songs no one will ever hear, playing pokémon, exercising, reading and studying for my personal projects, taking naps, or cuddling with thor.

i work in a pharmacy at the moment. it's pretty chill.

one of my goals for the next few years is to become an mri technician.
another one is to move into a small house with a private space to record an album.

i guess that's it.