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Hey, most just call me Pyro but i guess you can call me what you want. I love to draw but i fail at it. soon as i have a good enough one i will post a picture of my RP character.
Ok, All time favorite Movie has to be Avatar. I dont watch to much anime any more but i used to watch Death note, bleach, Naruto, and One piece.
For favorite Tv show you cant beat Scrubs, its just amazing.
My favorite series to read are "Eragon" "Maximum ride" "The magic of xanth" and "the lost years of merlin"
I don't really have a favorite band. I listen to just about every type of music, just not screamo or techno. i mostly just love listening to the beat and sometimes singing with the lyrics, as long as no one else can hear me lol.
My all time favorite sport is Parkour, if you know not of what that is then i suggest looking for gasworks park on youtube. second favorite would be snowboarding but i dont get to do that very often. Due to past injuries i cant really do many other sports but i piss people off with how good i am at Ultimate Frisbee Lol.

Message me and feel free to give me a new nickname (first one was Keroo)

RPing Character¤t=Angel_of_Death1.jpg

Favorite setting is In a forest by a small city which is near a large castle and a lake in the forest along with a river.
Alex was born in a small village with both his mom and dad. He remembers spending most his time in the woods with them while they spent all their time building a small home a few miles in the forest. He would climb the trees and play with the little forest creatures as he watches his parents finish the house. But something happened, he was about 6 and he had recently realized that shadows seemed to act differently around him. He could make them move and at times get them to even lift off the ground. He heard a strange sound and crept around trying to find it. But that was the thing, he didn’t find anything or anyone, his parents were gone. He never found out what happened to them but the house had been finished and he didn’t know how to get home. He stayed in this home and over time took control over his powers. When he was around 13 he could disappear into the shadows and be able to see everything within them, he could see for miles within the forest. When he turned 14 there was a creature in the forest he hadn’t seen before. It was a large flying bird that seemed to be catching the forest on fire. Alex had long before promised to protect the forest he grew up in so he used his shadows to pull this beast to the ground. The shadows seemed to swallow the beast and it disappeared and Alex began to feel strange. After a little while he figured out that when his shadows “Swallow” a creature he gains both its abilities and its physical form. He can completely turn into this bird creature but he regularly just keeps is wings. He has also gained complete control over fire. He is now 17 and over the last 3 years he has mastered every one of the powers he can do, as far as he knows.


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