The only thing you really need to know about me is that I LOVE ANIMAE! Currently I am intrested in the animaes Fruits Basket, Bleach, and Inuyasha. I am reading the Mangas Hana Kimi, Doubt, Fruits Baskets (again), Luna, M.A.R, and Mars! I am also learning some Japenese just for fun!


Hey I add a new vid of bleach with butterfly! XD!

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What type of Fae are you?

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Find your Celestial Choir

Name: Anna Redding
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 6th (same as Harry)
Bf: Harry Potter
Bff: Cedric(before he died), Hermione, Ginny, Luna
Personality: Naturally smart (you never study)/advernturous/ loyal/ likable/ nice to your friends/ a complete b***h to your enemies.

Your Story:

It the one year anniversary of the day Cedric had died. You were sitting out by the lake leaning up against a tree letting a slow stream of tears pour from your eyes. Cedric and you had been friends since you were born. Your parents had been the best of friends and he had always watched out for you, like and older brother.
"Anna? Are you okay?" A voice asked from behind you.
You turned around. "Oh hi Harry." You said motioning for him to sit down next to you.
"I'm probably the last person you want to see today." He said looking down at the grass.
You pulled your legs up to your chest and rested your chin on your knees. "Of coarse not Harry. You know I don't blame you for what happened."
"Why is that?" He asked raising his eyebrows.
"Huh?" You asked wiping a tear from your eye and looking at him.
"Why is it that the people who didn't even know Cedric completely hate me but, you who knew him better than anybody else don't?" He sounded angry.
"Because I know you Harry." You said calmly. "You did all that you could-you're the type of person who would jump in front of a killing curse if you could."
He looked at you with tears in his eyes. "I wish everyone was like you." He said sighing.
You forced a smile and wiped a tear off of his cheek.
"I'm gonna kill him you know." He said quietly.
"Who?" You asked quickly.
"Voldemort. I have to kill him." He said looking in your eyes.
"I'll help you." You said taking his hand.
"I can't ask you to do that." He said a tear falling from his eye.
"Too bad because I'm telling you-I'm helping you." You said smirking.
He smiled "You know you've become one of my best friends this year." He said pushing your bangs out of your eyes. "And I don't think I could've done anything I did without you helping me."
"Well, you're welcome." You said.
"I-I really have grown to care for you-I don't think I could really live without you in my life." He said looking at you dead in the eyes.
You looked back at him. He couldn't say what you thought he was going to say.
"I think I'm madly in love with you." He said not loosing eye contact.
"You think?" You asked raising an eyebrow.
"No-" He said shaking his head. "I know I'm madly in love with you." He said another tear falling off his cheek.
"Well, that's good-" You said. "Because I know I'm madly in love with you too. And I am going with you to kill him." You said sternly.
He smiled and leaned close to you kissing you deeply while both of your tears fellin between your lips.


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seamless perfection

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whatzup grl, im back and im staying, I'm not gonna ditch gaia anymore...maybe
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I am the Night

Hi Fang~!
seamless perfection

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