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Add mee you caaca XD

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Why do you want to know wat I'm wearing ?

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You Better Get Mee It Or I'll Hurt You :P


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About who ? Mee !!!

Yeah!!! My name is ...You dont have to know but you could call me ur angel i live on earth sumwhere yes i do XD i became a gaia freeak become of theem pepz you know who you are ! Got my mains and and going out wit Hiim I got attitude so dont mess wit mee or you'll regret it BIG time
Add me in smile smile ( add that one <--) xD
Holla Back !
Now Walk It Out'sz

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Young727 Report | 07/29/2008 5:01 pm
Thanks smile
Young727 Report | 07/29/2008 5:00 pm
Thanks smile
superniger Report | 06/29/2008 11:15 am
sup, not been on fo long coz i broke ma leg parkourin lol
Young727 Report | 06/27/2008 5:17 pm
It's all good
Young727 Report | 06/26/2008 5:36 pm
Hey Long time no see
FaakeSmile Report | 06/24/2008 7:00 am
Heyy Bhe, hows you ? Im ... Hypuur bB ! Tiba's the worst ! razz Such a fagg ! Well Im out'sz ! Tagg bck Bhabe ! (L)

- FaakeSmiilee ♥
superniger Report | 06/18/2008 3:05 pm
sup angel, long time no c, sry to hear bout yo leg, hope itz betta now, i gtg now so holla bk!
Cthulhu Mythos Report | 05/19/2008 1:46 am
Cthulhu Mythos know..your either really nice or just a really great liar......either way thanks

but i am very ugly and my avi is just living proof that s**t face isnt just an insult
pumba12 Report | 05/17/2008 9:03 am
freind freind use 2 have none but now have 1 o ya im 12 and in 8th grade freind rock for life
superniger Report | 05/08/2008 4:44 am
ye i no sry itz juz i been buzy wit parkour- if u dont no wat dat iz itz like doin trickz n gettin places fast on foot- like jumpin buildins n fences n stuff- look it up if u wana smile


TatyAnaaBhaybee was here of course smile


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