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Registered: 04/25/2009

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Info On Me!
Name: Ashley
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Significant Other: Real life boyfriend who is on Gaia. (Leaf Ui)
What I like to do: Write, read, create and play video games.
Random: Music is my life, favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance. I have a bass but I don’t really know how to play it yet. I live with my boyfriend and family right now and I am a senior in high school.
Kids: Someday
Siblings: Brother and sister alive one brother dead
How often I am on Gaia: Daily, I run a charity.
Describe me: Well I am hyper sometimes, I love being around people and talking, I get nervous easily as well as shy.


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Leaf Ui
White Silver Snow
Darkest Legion
Demon of Deaths Gate

Real life boyfriend and girlfriend.

Gaia brother/brother-in-law/uncle.

Gaia Daughters.

Real life niece.