So, a lot of the info on my profile is outdated. neutral I'll get around to updating it eventually.

Hello people! You may call me Fallen, it's easy to remember. My real name is Monica, you can call me that too if you want. Just don't call me Illusion, seriously. Most of my real life friends don't come on Gaia anymore, which is sad. I've been here since '06, and I've never really left for any extended periods of time... I guess you could say I'm hooked. sweatdrop

I love to make color matching avatars!

The thread where I hang out is basically a ghost town because so many people have left, but feel free to stop by and chat! You can easily find it if you check my recent posts.

I am a lurker. If you see me post outside my own thread, it's pretty rare.

I LOVE POKEMON. I don't battle competitively, though.

My secondary accounts are iipei and Clouded Lining. I used to be called FallenOnes Tears.

~my friends heart
~video games
~mythical creatures (griffins, dragons, nekomata, etc.)

~when people say anime is stupid after watching one episode in the middle of a series scream
~people who think Gaia is all about getting gold and items
~when friends move away
~idiots who act like or think that they know everything

R.I.P. Tripod
April 25, 2008
R.I.P. Taurus
September 2, 2011
R.I.P. Barney
I don't remember which day it was, but you too are missed.

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Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy 7

FallenOnes Tears
I think its funny when you're like Yay! heart biggrin mrgreen heart and your avatar is like whatever stare mad burning_eyes

um... thanks, I guess...

ninja Ninja masta! ninja

FallenOnes Tears
FallenOnes Tears
wE'RE COOL pEOPLE! Oops caps lock!
yes we is heart
We is. 3nodding

Sanne Said Not
She's not a badass, she's a goodass!

*sees aaron* Stalker..... dramallama
WTF DID I DO?! scream
STALKER!!!!!!!!!!! scream stressed

FallenOnes Tears
*pokes* *laughs like a maniac*

heart Art and Such heart <--clicky

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Those gaiaborn under the Lepus Crudus constellation can often be difficult to approach, but can really grow on you once you get to know them. They tend to hang around with others like themselves, and aren't alien to the idea of hostility. Some would call them mean or cruel, but it isn't personal. They just like to push the envelope a little. Their sense of humour can be infectious sometimes, and many would claim they're a bad influence, but really they're just living by their own rules and they can't stand to be caged or forced into doing things they don't want to do. Quick to bite and slow to forgive, you have to be on your toes around them, but get on their good side and you'll probably have a great time.

Proud member of Team Durem!
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College and work lol
I'm there for the little holidays.

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Its been years since I last posted on your comments...
What have you been up too?

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thx for buying xd
Imobile Persephone

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Imobile Persephone

Thanks for buying.
Brandi Arthtic

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Brandi Arthtic

Thanks for buying!

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Thank you for purchasing Summon Gingerbread Fluff

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Thank you for purchasing my item.
Have a nice day <3
Classy Dame

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Classy Dame

Hi!!! Thank you for sending me a friend request! I wanted to send you one but I had to work!!! lol

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lol, nah im good. I usually stalk people myself xD


I used to be FallenOnes Tears.
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