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Heyy!! What's up? I'm Chelsea! So, my best friends are Kat & Alexis. I will do pretty much anything for them. Same for my other friends. I am pretty loyal and hate to lie to them. Well I haven't yet but still if I have to I will hate it. I love to get know people but hate when they leave my life. Especially if I've known them for at least a few years and spend like every day with them. But I do move on eventually and it really sucks when it happens. I'm just glad to be here and be happy...most of the time. Anyways get to know me...you won't regret it!


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Hello Chelsea. User Image

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who want 2 evny u

written with pen

sealed with a kiss

If you are my friend,plz answer this;

Are we friends or are we not

You told me once,but i forgot.

So tell me now and tell me the TRUE

So i can say' I am here for you

Of all the friends I've ever met

You're the ones i won't forget

And if i die before you do,

I'll got to heaven

And wait for you.

show ur friends how much you care.send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND including the one who send it to you.if it comes back to you, then you'll know you have a circle of friends

ok friend

send this to.........

0-2 peeps you are a bad friend. boooo!!

3-5 peeps you are ok friend

5-10 peps you are a fantastic friend


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dude..take that picture of you and i off its pissing me off

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did you get new stars missy?

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on my profile...there....is a picture....


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i hate your profile,

much <3 tara