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Name; Falcon
Age; Around 60-70, he doesn't keep track
Description; The hair and eyes nail him on the spot. He has a lean muscular build, and he is around 5'8. He is not curvy, but his husband does think he has good 'birthing hips'. He is of German origin, though he is a half demon. He has blue eyes and blonde hair of course. He tends to wear combat or army boots most of the time with his pants always tucked in. To top it off he has a either plain color tshirt or some sweater on with a worn out trench coat. His clothes tend to be worn out, ripped up, or bloody at times, though he does try to keep them new and fresh when he can. Once in a while he wears his old nazi cap, and in a rare moon his nazi uniform.
Race; He is a half demon, because his mother was a demon that went for a human. She planned on eating him when he was around seven, but he ended up poisoning her with some of her own poison.
Skills; He is very skilled in combat. This meaning he is good at hand to hand, but likes using a gun and getting people from range if he can. He has rather good aim, but also wicked fast reflexes. He has a high endurance and stamina to match, meaning he can last much longer in battle. In a way he is like a super solider.
Likes; Guns (obvious), Barnabas his husband, sushi, and coffee.
Dislikes; Tea, children, kittens, cute things, and pretty much has a distaste for every living being out there.
Personality; Falcon does not really care about anyone, but a few people (Barnabas and Gretchen). If someone is annoying him he will most likely kill them. Though, sometimes he feels pressured to kill and torture just to prove he can be just as good of a demon. In fact, he doesn't even like people knowing he's a half demon at all. He can have a rather dominating personality where he refuses for someone else to rule over him, and will easily fight with someone who tries so. Though, in the end, he can care a lot about the ones he does love to the point where he would go out of his way to torture someone who dares to think about hurting them.
Biography; Falcon was born of a succubus demon woman and a mortal man. His mother only had him to have a meal later on, otherwise she would have destroyed him before he was born. Though, things did not go as plan. When he was seven he caught wind of her plan and he quickly acted. He held no love for his mother, so poisoning her was not hard at all for him to do.

Once she was dead, he had to fend to himself. When world war 2 finally ruled around he was in his 20's and ready to serve Germany. He was eager to cause blood shed, and he was more than happy to do his swear of torturing people/. It was not long till he met his husband, Viktor, a fellow Nazi that was not only a rank above him but a Alpha Werewolf too.

Viktor was a monstrous big werewolf. He could easily cross a suv if he landed on it. He was like a raging tank that he could turn into come the moon rising. He also commanded complete obedience, which resulted in him and Falcon continuously clashing. However, Viktor also liked Falcon, and most of all he wanted Falcon. He wanted to rule and control Falcon. He wanted Falcon to be his mate.

Eventually things evened out for the two during their stay at a concentration camp. Viktor lured Falcon in, and for a week or so things were sweet actually. By time that week was over, they decided to get married, since people were dying left and right anyway. Falcon quickly regretted it. He hated how Viktor tried to dominate and control him, and most of all Viktor was a cruel rough lover that left scars on the half demon. They clashed a lot again, and they even fought. It was not long till Falcon made his move.

It was during a day that he, not only killed viktor's pack members, but he also killed Viktor. He shot Viktor in the head, and then left the guy to burn in a building he started a fire in. The war soon moved on and so did Falcon.

When the war did end Falcon was sad actually, since it was his nature. He was forced to go on, causing whatever disaster he can. For the last few years he's been attempting to start up a war between countries by stirring up tensions. Besides this, he's spent his time killing or causing troubles. Sometimes he lays bombs around cities or other times he tries to cause whatever chaos he can. After all it is in his nature to watch people burn.

More information

Demons -> Demons are all powerful beings. They burned everything in their path and they were impossible to kill. They held no care or love, even for their own kind. It was not till about a thousand years ago the powerful witches council locked most of them away into another dimension. Only a few demons roam the earth, but those few are less then the number of fingers on your hand. Not only that, but they are not that dangerous to civilization at a whole.

Witches -> Witches curse. Everything they do have to have a draw back, though it does not have to be a major horrible draw back. Witches must not be noticed. They must not stand out. They must try to stay mysterious. Most of all, they must not get personal. Most witches work in causing disasters.

Gretchen -> Gretchen is a witch. She is around 500 years ago and owns a demonically possessed Duck, whom protects her cabin. She lives in a small two bedroom cabin in the woods. She believes in being a good witch, and she also tends to use Falcon's blood in her workings to increase her strength. Since his blood is not over powering she can use it.

Sometimes Gretchen looks really old, and sometimes she is young. She tends to wear old plain dresses from about 400 years ago. Her skin is a pale color that tends to be a bit dirty, and her eyes are a very very light green. She has messy bright orange hair though that always tends to have leaves in it, and she is also blessed with a rather large rack on her chest and good 'birthing' hips.

Gretchen is a lesbian though, and has no taste in men. She most definitely has no taste in children though. She is a chaos witch and works in causing storms, earthquakes, droughts, and what not around the globe.

Though, she is not allowed to get personal, she does see Falcon as her son. She has known him since after world war 2, and he tends to visit her whenever he can.

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