We judge everything we sense and see
Judging that which need not be judged
With false senses of love and hate
Based entirely on what we perceive
Knowing who you are
And knowing who you aren't
Try to hold yourself back
Words unspoken can be all the sweeter
Lingering embraces meaning that much more
Close your eyes and see the truth
Wanna get to know me? Try talking to me, make your own opinions, and we'll go from there.
Some random facts about Faladyne

* Loves trolls! They're so fun to anti-troll.
* Gay Male
* Dresses either scene/goth, if being conservative, or visual kei, on days he just doesn't give a s**t.
* Primarily Atheist; believes 'gods' are merely collective prayer energy.
* Is strongly against main-stream Christianity.
* Believes in Magic and has a (small) research library of occult books
* Has Shamanistic and Druidic qualities
* Highly enjoys Norse Mythology, and thinks Loki is the greatest God from the myths
* Loves Melbourne, FL, and plans on permanently moving there
* Is interesting in learning Japanese and visiting Japan
* Adores White Tigers
* Enjoys roleplaying [literate/advanced roleplayer~] (I ignore 1on1 PM roleplay requests)
* Is a massive RPG gamer (View my collection? Click here~)
* Is partially colorblind
* Is planning on buying a pair of Katars
* Thinks redheads are teh smex
* Plays with words (ex: What would a Tiger call something cool? Rawrsome)
* Absolutely despises animes that hit 'cult fandom' status... mainly because of the association they have with said fandoms. So it's actually hating the fandoms.
* Collects random things... especially on online games... and especially if the objects/items are colored interestingly
* Favorite Color: Gold
* Favorite Soda: Mellow Yellow
* Favorite Season: Winter (Snow <3)
* Has a nocturnal biorhythm (which screws me up during college =/)
* Loves Addicted to multi-tasking
* Is getting his name changed IRL to Faladine Evergray; the name itself came from an MMORPG called Dark Ages by Nexon (now owned by KRU Interactive)

And the Gaia-Faladyne facts!
* Owns the following Gaia Store items: ORLY Hat, AFK Hat, OMG Hat, Kiki Plush Keychain, Coco Plush Keychain
* Is planning on buying a Moira keychain
* Actually joined 7/27/2003 (Click this if you don't believe me)
* Is an exchange whore, though to a lesser extent now that he has all the items he wants save for Bunny Slippers and future items
* Strongly dislikes the Cash Shop
* Secretly thinks the Phoenix Circlet is awesome
* Not-so-secretly wishes Gaia Towns would blow up
* Lurks. Lurks a lot. Is probably lurking right now, in fact..


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you better add me! you know who i am i miss you!!

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Johnny Nakajima

Report | 12/01/2008 3:39 pm

Johnny Nakajima

2 was really good. Although my friend told me it was hard and... I gotta say... I didn't see it. I've played through it two times when I borrowed it and I never saw the game over screen.

If I could... I would choke the sailing portion of that game on it's own binary code... 8 times.
Johnny Nakajima

Report | 12/01/2008 10:45 am

Johnny Nakajima

I haven't played V, but 2 is my favorite followed by one and then 4. I don't care much for 3 at all. Didn't like the plot layout or the battle system.

That's most likely the reason they gave it a better rating. It sure as hell isn't game play or storyline. Suikoden 2 had some of the best 2D graphics to this day. And it was fun, replayable, and a really solid game over all.

Did you like Grandia II? I haven't played the 1st or 3rd.
Johnny Nakajima

Report | 11/26/2008 4:26 pm

Johnny Nakajima

Suikoden III better than Suikoden II? What tempest rages in your head sir?!

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You can has random comment today!


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'tis Jade <3
Divine Brutality

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Divine Brutality

This is xautopsyxreportx's new account.

Just commenting you to let you know User Image

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Ah, we have something in common.

Shaman and Druid. Nice.

Report | 06/02/2008 3:06 pm


*squeaks and launches a tickle attack*


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