who needs the fourth wall anyway

Let's just get one thing straight to start. I'm not Riku. I'm not that "Data Riku" either and if I ever get my hands on him I'll strangle the gigabytes right out of his imposturous a**, along with Xion, too. I'M Riku's Replica! ME!! I AM!! He doesn't need an entire army of self-clones! And just because she's Vexen's favorite and she has a name and gets to be in all the new games doesn't make her better than me.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've never known anyone who didn't betray me. I've never had anything of my own. It's no surprise that even this was taken away from me. I'm not even unique in being the only person who looks like Riku. I'm not anything. I never was. I'm just nothing. Nobody cares about me and I don't expect them to.

I hate everything. I hate everyone. Just stay away from me.

Because my anger is the only thing I have that's mine.

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a faithful replica, to the very end

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"didn't you die?"

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Not in the manga.


On this violent horizon, you're all that I can see
Between the lightning and the waves,
You are the only thing that calms the storm inside of me.

Darkness is drawn to the Light.

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He said he didn't have a heart of his own.
I gave him mine.
I told him it was broken and fake.
He said he didn't care.

I made him mine on 5/24/2017.

-Stares at Riku menacingly.-

6/3/2017 "Princess Zelda21 has added your avatar as a favorite."

Another you and another me
Walked in this place long ago.
One was someone who you used to be,
The other was someone who you used to know.

back off or i'll take you on!

all i want to do is be more like [ me ] and be less like [ you ]

i hate everything about you

don't pretend i'm him


for you wimps who didn't play chain of memories

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i reply in-character. you've been warned.

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King Dartz Report | 12/20/2017 1:39 pm
King Dartz
Ah, I thought your profiles were all set to private. Well, here you go then:

Quiet Memory Report | 06/11/2017 2:21 pm
Quiet Memory
*laughs and flips page over of Rep fighting with a flower to a new page*
Can you climb a tree and pretend you're sleeping on a branch? ^^
Quiet Memory Report | 06/06/2017 12:45 am
Quiet Memory
*smiles lightly*
Oh look, on the first try! *beams and steps in* Wow... amazing *takes out sketch book and doodles for a bit*
Hm... *turns around and looks at you* Can you do me a favor?
Ren---Er Axel Report | 06/04/2017 5:25 pm
Ren---Er Axel
I undercut your telescope. dramallama Damn your store description sure is bitchy, lol. Someone needs a hug.
Quiet Memory Report | 06/03/2017 10:45 am
Quiet Memory
*walks by your side quietly*...


D-do... you have a favorite world..?
Quiet Memory Report | 05/31/2017 6:09 am
Quiet Memory
A world I like best... *looks up in thought* maybe... Wonderland?
Sora with Wings Report | 05/29/2017 7:55 am
Sora with Wings
does that mean u dont want me to sldkfjslkdfjslkdjf *cant breathe* @u@ heart ??
Quiet Memory Report | 05/28/2017 11:42 am
Quiet Memory
*puts hands to the side of my face* Oh dear.. Thank you for looking out for me
Where are we even going?
Quiet Memory Report | 05/28/2017 1:05 am
Quiet Memory
Ah! *mouth drops* You set his coat on fire!? *panics internally*
Sora with Wings Report | 05/27/2017 7:05 pm
Sora with Wings
stop bothering benjamin!!
if...if ur gonna flirt with my Nobody then... then I'm gonna...
-kisses reppy on the cheek-