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games, anime, animals, art, kingdom hearts, food

Remind me to update my interests.



Anime and game lover. Kingdom hearts finatic. smile my favorite character is roxas and riku. biggrin my favorite keyblade, ultima, and oath keeper.

Total Value: 1,476,781 Gold
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G Blade
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Chyaku Norisu Scarf
MoMo the Monkey
Winter Rose
Elemental Hair
Flame Sword

Estimated Total: 452,562 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 10 February 2007)
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Total Value: 12,009 Gold, 6,000 Tickets
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Item List:
Maid Collar Necklace
Black Glamrock Jean Skirt
Crossed Belts
Chalk Glamrock Sleeveless Top
Black Lace-up Cork Sandals
Arm Bandage
Card Shark Bands
Black Tribal Left Arm Tattoo
Black Heart Arm Tattoo
Black and Gold Oversized Bangles
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my dream avies
KH quotes i like. There very meaningful to me, or there quotes in the begininng of the games. all these quotes are from MY memory of the game. ^ w ^ its pretty acurate. please PM me any good quotes i missed.
"i've been having these strange thoughts lately"
"like, is any of this real, or not?"
"there is darkness withen every heart"
" a paopu fruit?"
"you wanted one, didn't your. If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined"
"Your the one thats changed Kairi"
"Sora, don't ever change"
"I'm not afraid of the darkness"
"A scattered dream, like a far off memory. a far off memory like a scattered dream...."
"I want to line the pieces up, yours, and mine...."
"kingdom hearts, is light!"
"lets meet again, in the next life"
"looks like my summer vacation is over...." crying (that made me cry)
"no one would miss me"
"thats not true, i would..."
"got it memorized?"
"if the subject, fails to respond, use agression, to liberate his true disposition...right.." (this made me laugh)
"we may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other"
i also play pokemon.
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My belief

I like animals. ALL of them. From snakes to fluffy little hamsters,
I hate animal cruelty.
Any unecesary towards animals such as tail docking, ear cropping, hunting... anything.
Dogs can live with their tails long, and their ears down. humans don't need to
cut them off, to " protect" them from future injuries.
Dogs have tails because they were born that way.
Just because the dude that "created" the breed, wanted it that way, doesn't make it
right to do. So what if that dude wanted it that way. If thats not how it was born, don't change it. ((for those of you that don't know, tail docking is a procedure done to many young puppies such as dobermans, boxers, and other dogs that are known to have short tails. They either take a clamp, and simply cut the tail off, or put a rubber band around the tail, and make all the circulation cut off, and wait for the tail to fall off.))
They say the puppy can't feel anything, but seeing it done, it actually DOES seem like it hurts. Puppies cry out in pain, their eyes still shut from being born, as their tail is cut off. Cropping is even more uneccesary. cropping up dog ears, that normally flop down? Its just for the look. Completely uneccesary.
Humans don't need to hunt to survive. They do it as a sport
They say. " its to keep them in control, and not over populate." or " their in 'season'"
news flash, animals don't have anyplace to go. they barely survive in the world created by humans. They don't need to be shot down to control the population.
their running out of places to MAKE a population.
In my opinion, hunters just say that to make a n excuse, they just love the thrill of killing.
The animals can live without humans. but humans cannot live without animals.
If humans just disappeared, nothing bad would happen to the animals, except maybe the pollution, garbage, waste, that the humans made.
Their life would be so much better.
but.... thats never gonna happen i guess.
so the least we can do, is to treat animals with respect, and not as objects of entertainment. Make their lives, a little better.
i'm not saying stuff like, " GO VEGAN!!" or anything. I'm not against eating meat.
Its just on how the meat came to be. Did the cows and chickens live out in a open field, eating grass and seeds? or were they trapped in a cage, from the momment they were born, never seeing daylight?
Animals are living things. they have a life. they have a soul.
If their gonna be killed early, they should be able to live life to the fullest.

- more coming soon-


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bunch of stuff that is usless and meaning less. but dang its all funny!


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lucielover1001 Report | 07/07/2008 2:43 pm
WERE DID U GET UR DRESS ITS GORGUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
serbian-chocolate Report | 06/18/2008 6:02 pm
I agree with your thing about animal cruelty! but sometimes tail docking is nessesery. But if it is done just so the dog looks better. I don't think so. i really like your opinion on that and agree with you completley. if an animal is in pain they just kill it. but for humans they decide to put some effort in saveing them??? what the heck!?

awsome profile by the way.
Tenshi Koigokoro Report | 06/15/2008 11:33 am
I totally agree with your splurge on animal cruelty and all, but tail docking is sometimes necessary. For instance I had a Australian Shepherd growing up and she had a docked tail because their bones in their tails are so fragile, and break so easily that it would probably put them through less pain in the long run. If it is just for looks, like for dog shows or something, then I agree with you 110%.
lucielover1001 Report | 06/09/2008 6:39 am
oh ok ;(
lucielover1001 Report | 06/08/2008 3:11 pm
can i have some mony????????plz?
Rouge Silver Report | 05/01/2008 9:30 pm
yeha i get bored your profile is full of anmal chibis
Bulimic BarbieDoll Report | 04/25/2008 5:39 pm
Hello ^^;;
DecrepitUsury Report | 04/19/2008 2:54 pm
livingston is is my new comment thingy just wanted to BE RANDOM and if you do manage to get to my profile without it frying your computer comment me ;D
Kiivawolfdevil Report | 04/16/2008 10:36 pm
Hello, young host.
sw33tdreamz Report | 04/15/2008 5:38 pm
Yeah Long time! wassup?


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