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xRaindrops Report | 07/06/2010 12:08 am
xRaindrops Report | 02/16/2009 4:19 pm
I know. Aren't they smexy? ;D
xRaindrops Report | 02/16/2009 11:14 am
xRaindrops Report | 02/04/2009 4:04 pm
Ahahaha. Dumbass.
xRaindrops Report | 02/03/2009 10:24 pm
haha idk why that made me laugh because it was so dumb. Maybe it was just so dumb it made me laugh? Idk. LMFAO. You idiot.
xRaindrops Report | 02/03/2009 8:43 pm
Way to make that a long a** comment the cheap way. Lol.
xRaindrops Report | 02/03/2009 8:30 pm
xXcold_lazarusXx Report | 12/23/2008 3:00 pm
probably the blood brothers or billy talent
xXcold_lazarusXx Report | 12/22/2008 2:33 pm
their okay not my favorite
xXcold_lazarusXx Report | 12/21/2008 10:21 pm
mm nothing yourself?


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way too nice.
live it up.
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i'm only on when i remember to be.
i respond to everything :]

Snapple Facts:

#124 - Seals sleep only one and a half minutes at a time.
#120 - The only continent without native reptiles or snakes is Antarctica.
#202 - The mouth of the Statue of Liberty is 3 feet wide.
#177 - The first sailing boats were built in Egypt.
#115 - Bamboo makes up 99% of a panda's diet.
#161 - The first TV network kids show in the U.S was "Captain Kangaroo".
#163 - The first penny had the motto "Mind your own business"
#160 - One alternate title that had been considered for NBC's hit "Friends" was "Insomnia Cafe"
#119 - The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
#121 - The only bird that can swim but not fly is the Penguin.
#159 - The first TV show ever to be put into reruns was "The Lone Ranger".
#116 - The largest fish is the whale shark - it can be over 50 feet long and weigh 2 tons.
#6 - A honey bee can fly at 15 miles per hour
#364 - Borborygmi is the noise that your stomach makes when you are hungry
#388 - The first person in the U.S arrested for speeding was a NYC can driver.
#181 - The first jukebox was located in San Francisco in 1899

"You know I was taught that when you have something good, what you're supposed to do is you hang on to it. You know? You hang on to it with both hands. And if someone tries to take it from you. what you should do is you should make sure they pry it from your cold, dead fingers."

reaction to being bored. random things about me.

1. stubborn, depending on the subject, etc.
2. i haven't wrote a decent poem in a while, ******** writers block -_-
3. writers block really sucks ^
4. i remember pointless information, woops?
5. i really don't know why i'm writing this
6. i know i had things to add but i really don't remember them right now.
7. i'm a real mess
8. i actually read books, as long as they interest me, etc. otherwise, goodbye.
9. music is everything, whoa! bet you saw that coming
10. don't really dig society today, who does?
11. i need to get out of my town, asap
12. actually all i need is money, my license, and a car.
13. if i had that, promise no one would ever see me that much except for like cierra
14. i know what i want to do, not career wise
15. don't talk to me about the future as in college or career wise, i'm not interested, goodbye, it terrifies me more then most people will ever know.
16. postsecrets are awesome, i've always wanted to make a legit one
17. the one i made was stupid on a count of, it was a spur of the moment thing with two of my friends and i knew they'd read it
18. trust issues, who doesn't have them now a days, mine are weird though in a way
19. i try my best to keep promises
20. i care way too much
21. i want a tattoo and i have some slight ideas of what i want, etc.
22. i haven't got around to piercing my cartilage yet and i'm not sure if i want any other piercings
23. i support To Write Love On Her Arms, i've actually read the story, etc. before the whole "trend" started
24. i suck at explaining things, especially when it comes to explaining myself aha
25. you'll always see me laughing and smiling
26. good times are of course awesome
27. when i sleep, i usually see black, i barely ever dream, it's disappointing
28. i've been seeing a bunny every morning so far since schools started, i'm curious to know why
29. turning up the music and singing my heart out, is what i generally do when i'm home alone
30. i get distracted easily, it's both good and bad
31. sometimes i ask stupid questions, it happens
32. other times, i'll randomly txt one of my friends asking some random question that's on my mind aha
33. i really want to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
34. i have countless notebooks, a livejournal, a gaia journal, and word documents of things i write
35. i doubt you'll ever see half of them
36. i plan on organizing that one day
37. nothing is ever completely stable, remember that
38. lazy days that consist of watching movies all day and just chilling are my favorite
39. but i do love going out and having fun with my friends
40. i'll probably repeat myself on one of these facts, sorry.
41. i've always wanted to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, my friend's supposed to teach me, he's sucha busy bee though
42. i can only do like accents or certain voices around certain people haha
43. i have different laughs, i think it's funny
44. i save txts too much haha
45. yeah i love txting, usually
46. i'm not really a phone person, depends who you are and the situation
47. making people smile or laugh makes me happy ;]
48. i've been told that i give good advice and should be psychologist or something
49. summer 2009 is going to be amazing<3
50. i've wanted a polaroid camera since forever now, one day i will get one and go crazy taking pictures
51. always wanted to take dance, just cause dancing awesome
52. warning; i can't dance for my life haha
53. most people remind me of animals haha, i will tell you what animal i think you resemble, it's usually appearance wise and it can be more then one animal
54. i like proving people wrong, depending on the situation and stuff, you knowwww
55. so far i've only met one boy who's the sweetest person ever and way different from the rest, i'm glad we're good friends.
56. yeah most guys i know seem sweet ish then they say that one thing and i realize....guys are all the same
57. actually i might know one other guy that's nice and a bit different from the rest, but i'm not sure about that yet
58. i usually speak my mind, happens.
59. i love acting like an idiot on the streets with cierra haha<3
60. i miss some people who used to be in my life, well it's more like, i wish they were more active in my life
61. my cat means a lot to me, i got him may 10, 2001<3
62. my favorite artist, singer,etc, of all time is Andrew De Torres<3 his music gets me through a lot
63. when i met him, it will be marked as a celebration day and one of the best days of my life
64. Bill Kaulitz is quite the character, his shopping episode was the best, and i tend to use random quotes by him on the daily. if anyone reads this far, and likes him, he's taken by Cierra. no questions asked. i know you're all thinking: SCHEISSE.
65. i have no idea when i started writing all of this
66. when me and my friends say the same things at the same time or do the same actions, you know that sort of stuff, it just makes me laugh haha <3
67. i miss some of summer 2008
68. pick up lines and corny jokes = <3 hahaha
69. is a hilarious number, i laughed.
70. Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat are hilarious ******** that's all that needs to be said.
71. i watch tokio hotel;caught on camera every saturday with cierra, it's a ritual haha
72. i have a relatively awesome idea of how i want my future room to look like
73. i really wish i could sing haha
74. actually i wish a lot of things
75. the first time i've had greasetrucks was 1/23/09, it was amazing
76. apparently i sneeze like a chipmunk ? haha
77. i get cold during the summer, but not that much during winter, try figuring that one out
78. my favorite season is fall<3
79. i don't really care much for my birthday
80. i named my trust The Billa Trust. Slogan "In Billa We Trust.", thanks cierra for typing this for me haha!<3
81. i've always wanted to use "believe you me" in a sentence LMFAO. i probably will in the near future
82. mitchell davis is amazing hahaha<3
83. i love and relate to too many lyrics, i want a lyric wall haha. for real.
84. sometimes i just want to sleep forever, but the fact that i don't dream when i sleep just makes me not want to.
85. i plan on going into a forest or something of that nature one day and just yelling my lungs out.
86. i think i embarrass myself at least once everyday, unintentionally of course.
87. i spend too many nights over thinking
88. i wish i could hitchhike, thank you corrupt society for making me not able to!
89. i very much dislike the fact that we have to spend so much time in school and once you get out and go to college you have to work, it's a boring cycle that kills people inside on the daily.
90. yeah if it were up to me, i'd be doing plenty of other things then going to school and worrying about grades, whatever.
91. i guess you could say im mad at the world in a sense
92. but i enjoy life as much as i can haha for real :]
93. i'm unusually positive, i say unusually because i try to find good in literally any situation unless i'm angry or something
94. i love fortune cookies and the one fortune i got one day; you are of double character: an active socialite and a serious thinker.
95. i think it's the best and truest fortune i have ever gotten
96. not a fan of pity
97. empath, if you're thinking OHMUHGAHS SAME THING!? look it up, or if you watch heroes you'll get it.
98. i tend to "put myself on the line" too much, sort of, yep.
99. i have real bad procrastination issues sometimes cause i tend to get distracted too eaily wooops.
100. look i made it! :]]
101. i ran out of things to write
102. except not really, i just can't think of anything
103. house, one of the best shows ever ever<3
104. everytime a song by the maine is on, its mandatory to say JOHN O! hahaha<3
105. i like saying random words that don't make any sense
106. love watching movies
107. scary movies;favorite<3
108. i can make owl sounds! haha
109. i've always wanted to write one of those like "20 people!" blogs, you know the kind where you write about like 20 people or more or less,whatever, and they have to guess who they are
110. i think if i did one of those blogs, i would just ramble about nothing and everything cause i would wanna keep fixing it or something, or like not know what to write but know what i wanna say
111. indecisive
112. i have genius ideas really late at night, usually hah.
113. oh yeah, sometimes if people don't remind me of an animal, they remind me of something or someone haha
114. i usually end up sleeping on the couch
115. i sleep in my bed too but...i just end up on the couch sometimes hah
116. i use smilies and haha way too much, woops
117. i have come to realize that my life is one big coincidence. it's legit, really.
118. the song pages by there for tomorrow means a lot to me since the first time i've heard it<3
119. i want to learn how to play it on the acoustic guitar so bad
120. the song jersey by mayday parade means a lot to me too
121. like i've said before a lot of songs and lyrics mean a lot to me
122. don't make me name them all, it'll take a while
123. i'm always up for new music
124. i got a flickr! - random
125. i haven't updated my ipod in the longest time, it bothers me so much
126. reason; i have to get all my songs back cause my computer broke, awesome right?
127. i used to write on my arms almost all of sophomore year
128. maybe i'll start that up again, who knows
129. usually sleep my days away
130. what can i say? there's nothing to do here
131. i don't really like routine
132. yet i "follow" one every day, kind of, i hate it
133. attempting to be productive doesn't work in this shitty place
134. reason; something always gets in the way
135. difficult
136. i don't particularly like being nervous
137. i either tremble really bad or just fidget and start rambling and all and whatnot.
138. indecisive; did i already say that? (if i did, then it's in here twice for a reason. )
140. i always pick a hard essay topic to do not on purpose though it just ends up that way kinda ish; usually i know what i want to say i just suck at wording it ish kinda
141. im only adding things on right now because im extremely anxious and all
142. i touched a spider without knowing it i think, i don't know, i flipped out.
143. yeah spiders aren't my thing
144. i'm super excited for a couple of new albums in 2009
145. i love watching plays that my friends are in
146. the first one i watched was sweeney todd, i remember it so well, good times<3.
147. my fav. subject used to be english, yeah teachers always ruin it for me, i still like english though just not as muchh i don't even know :/
148. actually teachers tend to make all subjects worse usually ish yeahh
149. bye bye birdie was sucha funny play; if i had money i'd watch it again
150. SLC is the best; JACKMBAD hahaha<3
151. i listen to just about anything; if you couldn't already tell. some people might think that some of my music is lame, i'm chill with that haha xp
152. i constantly crave new music so give me a song or band to listen to please! (:
153. recently i've been constantly cold, it's so weird.
154. i really wish life was like double dare, i would just about always take the physical challenge
155. high five if you knew that reference was from livelavalive; but i do wish it was true, how awesome would that be?
156. i don't know why i'm still adding to this thing
157. i might end up deleting this list
158. "but it's no use in going back to yesterday, because i was a different person then" is one of my favorite quotes.
159. i remember when i used to read quotes on the daily
160. i miss reading the fortune in fortune cookies
161. i do stupid things when im anxious
162. that's a lie, i do stupid things always
163. i act on impulse almost always
164. i'm not sure why i didn't delete this yet...
165. i kind of really want to but then again i don't.
166. either more later or deleting..i'm not sure yet...
167. much like most people "i miss the way things used to be"
168. the idea of even living in one state when im older makes me anxious, i can't be in one place for too long
169. sleepless nights and troubled thoughts have basically consumed me
170. inspirations at odd hours are the best
171. Bamboozle '09 = <333333. so many great things happened. Dylanxfinity, finally meeting Andrew De Torresx3, This Conditionxalot, Ferris Wheel. infinitexthewholeday.
172. i honestly can't believe i forgot to write about that.
173. Warped Tour '09 in Cali and NJ = legit! hugged Max Green x2! (:<3
174. A Summer To Remember Tour = amazing beyond belief. bracelet making, singing, pictures, good times, Andrew De Torres. <33
175. Paramus VFW = This Condition Dob xthewholeday. getting lost on the way home. LOVE ONLY!<3
176. really can't believe i forgot to write that here.
177. still missing everyone like crazy.
178. reunited (w/ a couple of people) and let me tell you it does feel so good!<333
179. as always theres a possibility of more pointless information to come