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guess what


Just a few things....

Just because I say "I love you" or call you "love" does not mean you are my soulmate.
& it doesn't mean I want you in my bed.
It just means that I happen to be cheerful sometimes and I like to let people know that life's worth living even if it seems really shitty.

And don't assume that just because I'm sometimes cheerful that I'm not also sometimes depressed.
Because I am a human being and I have mood swings four times an hour, just like you, ya cute little emo kid.

Don't b***h at me and call me rude if you're the one who started the fight.
Because, guess what? I know!

If I do offend you from something I say & I didn't mean to, feel free to PM me and tell me.
If you don't do it like this:
"omg u b******!!!11 u sed the fword! ur a dum hoe!", I'll say I'm sorry. But if you do it like that ^, I'll ignore you.
Because I don't like chatspeak and quite honestly, a lot of the time it's hard to understand.

If you're depressed, you can PM me & I'll talk to you.
Because I know how you feel & it's a shitty thing & it's not fair that you're feeling like that.

No, I'm not going to be your "Gaia gf". I'm not a homophobe, which means that I have no problem if you're a lesbian, or if you're bisexual or gay. You're still a person and I'll talk to you if you're nice. =)

Please don't pretend you know me in real life. You know me in real life if you know my birth name.

You don't know my birth name.

Don't use the word "gay" instead of "stupid". They don't mean the same thing and it offends me.
Same with calling someone a "f**" or "homo". It makes me sick to see that. Honestly, what is wrong with people?

I think that every human being is worth something. Even if I don't like you, someone does.
It's hard to remember, but we all should try to.

Fight Club is the coolest ******** book and movie in the history of the universe.

I think that people who are atheist for the shock value are stupid.

I would have the most ridiculously violent sex with Tyler Durden. Like, you have no idea.

I don't believe in true love.

I do not believe in hitting human beings or the creatures we love. Teaching lessons does not have to be physical.

I believe in the human mind.

Someday, I'm gonna kick someone's a**.

I am usually willing to have a nice friendly debate or discussion about things.

I stand for what I believe is right.

And I'm quite aware that I'm contradictory.

this is not what a healthy relationship looks like

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it's me....lol wut


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a little bit of insanity

mostly tekteks in the beginning, then it's about food. TRIGGER WARNING!



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No One No Thing King Report | 05/15/2011 9:53 am
No One No Thing King
o.o getcha a** back on here dagnabbit
Akahana Ama Report | 11/27/2010 6:57 pm
Akahana Ama
If you like this Copy and paste to 4 other profiles then press F5 for 500,000gg im rich
Zanpakutou Zangetsu Report | 05/20/2010 1:53 am
Zanpakutou Zangetsu
Hey, I just wanted to say that I really like your avi. Good job. smile
No One No Thing King Report | 01/18/2010 3:39 pm
No One No Thing King
No One No Thing King Report | 01/17/2010 1:57 pm
No One No Thing King
LOL. indians and cowboys much?
Fairysexual Report | 01/17/2010 1:12 am
I lol'd at attempt to piss me off
miss weenie Report | 01/16/2010 11:58 pm
miss weenie
its really GAY how you don't like me calling homos fags.
Saeuri Report | 01/09/2010 9:39 pm
Aww that really sux! gonk
I hope it runs good soon!
Saeuri Report | 01/09/2010 6:16 pm
no zOMG today? haha
Saeuri Report | 01/09/2010 5:53 pm
Sexual! gonk


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healthy relationships are not this