Yo my name is Celeste. What's up wit me? I'm a real cool girl really. imma tell u how it is. And if u a heartbreaker I ain't tryna mess wit chu. Trust I done had my share of heartbreak without even bringing my fam in da picture. Yea I got a big azz family and dey will beat da s**t outta u 4 me. But yeah HEARTBREAKERS...Yall piss me off. I don't like you at all. If you dont' love me then please dont' say it. If you ain't gon love me then don't let me love you. If you gon leave me don't tell me you wanna be with me forever. If all u want is sex ***** say it. I ain't saying imma give it to you but I'm sayin I wanna know. I ain't gon show no love to you if you ain't gon show no love to me... I don't like people that be trippin on me. Don't even think you gon be my world. My world is my big sisters and my big brothers. My fam is my world I will survive. I'm a Oreo. Yes if you know what it is I say HELL YEA!! if you don't then you need to find out but imma tell you anyways. A oreo is a person dat is mixed wit black and white. I'm gon try to be truthful. But chu know it don't always work. Yea I lied before and I'm gon lie again. But I'm gon try not to lie to my man. Like I want him to act to me. I won't be mad if he tell me what he do as if he didn't tell me and I found out myself. Don't try to think I ain't gon find out. Cuz just from past experience I'm gon think you doing someting anyways...But anyways holla @ me if u wanna know more...


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Twiix,Oreo,Midnight-Pleasure,Snickerz,Pookie,MzThang U got mi love no matta wht happen
Des stay strong 4 me k gurl?Midnight won't b your final hour
Let KK hav dis (*Wishin 4 miraclz ain't easy w/ no hope*)(*Lovin him ain't eZ snce he ain't eva luv me*)