Oh Hello! My name is Toothiana, or as you may know me: the Tooth Fairy. How are you doing? Taking care of those teeth? Hehe.

As you may know, the job of the Tooth Fairy (with the help of my fairies) is to collect and store the teeth of the children of the world. We collect the teeth because they hold precious memories of childhood. We even have yours here!

Feel free to leave a comment or PM me if you want to chat! I'm a little busy directing my fairies in tooth collection, but I can always squeeze in a nice chat!

Have a nice day. Don't forget to floss!


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Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 09/29/2017 3:57 pm
Pitch The Nightmare King
『ШҺαt α Ϩωϵϵʈ ɳɩgнʈɱαɾε 』

((Yes Im finally back on gaia! Im good not able to sleep but meh it happens when you have insomnia. ))

★〖Rubs his chin where his missing tooth is still little sour about the guardians winning their last fight."Well next time you won't be so lucky."~ 〗★

Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 09/25/2017 2:02 am
Pitch The Nightmare King
『ШҺαt α Ϩωϵϵʈ ɳɩgнʈɱαɾε 』

★〖"Well well its been awhile hasn't it old friend. I hope your still not mad about the... oh you know teeth stealing thing"~( Its been forever *huggles* How are you?) 〗★

Jacqueline O Lantern Report | 05/13/2017 11:33 am
Jacqueline O Lantern
"Bonjour Mademoiselle." The mouse queen curtsied to Thoothiana " How do you do?"
Ice Queen Elsa Report | 04/29/2017 12:39 pm
Ice Queen Elsa
Hah, I know that feeling~. Life's ben busy for me, too. On the most relative topic, I'm actually now dating the guy who RPs as our Jack on here. xD
Ice Queen Elsa Report | 04/18/2017 12:27 pm
Ice Queen Elsa
Never a truer word spoken~.
It's been quite some time, huh? How have things been going for you? What's new? whee
Ice Queen Elsa Report | 04/17/2017 10:18 am
Ice Queen Elsa
Oh that would be delightful~. I hardly come online anymore...it's depressing when I remember the time that we had a whole team that was consistently around...Anna, Kristoff, Jack, Eugene, the other Guardians...even Pitch and Jamie. It was so fun. sweatdrop
Ice Queen Elsa Report | 04/13/2017 5:14 pm
Ice Queen Elsa
Happy birthday, Tooth~! Miss talking to you. ^^
Jacqueline O Lantern Report | 12/20/2016 2:37 pm
Jacqueline O Lantern
(*as long as* dang typos -0-)
Jacqueline O Lantern Report | 12/20/2016 2:33 pm
Jacqueline O Lantern
The wolf would only scoff "I am not the pup I was before. Pitch has made me stronger than before. And asking as children fear the woods. There is nothing you can do to stop me."
Jacqueline O Lantern Report | 12/20/2016 7:03 am
Jacqueline O Lantern
"If you must know.." big bad continued to encircle the fairy thinking up some lie, something he was good at he thought "No no, I won't lie this time. I'm back to spread fear. Like I used to, before Katherine came along."


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