I report ALL Begging PMs.


I admit that I am no longer selling my letters at the cheapest prices- but that's because I'm running out of letters. Once I achieve a goal that I have set for myself, (by myself or with the help of my fellow Fairies), I will FINALLY type up the Charity Thread for the We Need A Name Charity. heart I've got a few new members in the Guild that I'm hoping can help with ideas on how and to whom we should do our donations.

Also, should we get a "real" name- or stick with what we've got? That will most likely be the first Poll of the thread...and if the masses decide we DO need a name, we can hold a contest to see who can come up with the best name for us biggrin

If you wish to donate to the We Need A Name Charity, please send all donations to CommonFairy. Please send a PM to her if you wish for you donation to remain anonymous . biggrin

I am a Fairie GodMother- the good kind heart , like in Cinderella, not the bad kind evil like in Shrek 2 rofl That does NOT mean that you can PM me asking for stuff. Just because I chose to donate to people does NOT mean you can beg. I report all beggars. You want a donation, do something nice for others in the Gaia Forums. If I (or one of the other Fairies in the Guild) see you are doing good deeds, you may receive a surprise gift biggrin
NOTICE: Our very first Charity run Event is coming up (TBA): Caterday Night Fever!

In addition to the Charity, my interest on Gaia is adopting pets.
They are all listed in my Journal (PETS)
Here are my lovely Knuffel: Una the Faerie and Aviendah the Mermaid (she has my colours!! blaugh ) A big THANK YOU to my 'Evil Twin' sister, Kiddiss, for adopting them for me heart
Please play with and feed them blaugh
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Aviendah's friend, the Seahorse Girl, Aquailla:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

And my Fairy-in-Training, the Fairy GodChild xd

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Here is my Frigid Fairy, Freya the Fey:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

My b-day prezzie from my "Evil Twin":

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

PLEASE NOTE: NO, I'm not rich . Although I've been on Gaia 5 years; I rarely (if ever) get donations or gifts & I don't have the gold or items to start my Charity Thread yet (well, not a full-blown Charity... just Drive-by-Donations and one event is planned so far xd ).

I'm not asking for anything for free, & I'd appreciate it if no one asked me for anything for free. This is a General Statement for everyone to read. Please read my entire Profile before you send me a PM begging for anything or I will report you for violation of the TOS. And I will list your name in my Journal for all to read once you have been reported.
I DO NOT donate to those who ask. I report ALL Begging PMs.
To The Nice Children, I send gifts that are not asked for, but rather are earned by their deeds.

So, if one day you receive a gift with an item or some gold with nothing in the Subject line except for "Good Job!" or "For Something Nice You Did", accept it as a gift- from Your Fairie GodMother.

If you are looking for a PollWhore community that is fun and you can make lots of gold PollWhoring, this is the place for you:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

How did I get started as a Fairy God Mother on Gaia, you ask? There was an Angel who was Lost and in need of a Scarf to keep him warm... so I set out on a mission to help him get his Angelic Scarf. Mission accomplished December 2005 blaugh
I will do my best to help as many Nice Gaian Children as possible. However, do be mindful that there are Naughty Children on Gaia, as well. Unlike Santa, I will not give even a lump of coal to those little bastards (WHAT? I'm a Fairie, not an Angel twisted ).

My next Quest was: finding a home to rest my wings and settle into a position as a Fairy Donator. I have found that home in the We Need A Name Charity (WNAN). It is a Fairy-based Charity designed to help those nice Gaians who just need a little help with their Quests or help getting started... or we see them doing something nice for others, and reward their efforts with a gift.
It feels good to give to the deserving- but be warned: we do NOT give to people who are just out to exploit our kindness. That is why we have a very strict NO BEGGING policy. I cannot stress that enough!
That's what Fairie GodMothers do. We help those in need- or Nice Children in want. 3nodding

A HUGE Thank You to Gun_Girl for heading up the Donation Fairies {she was the Queen Fairy heart } However, I am sad to say that Donation Fairies, Inc. is no longer around.

The Charity is NOT up & running, so I am NOT CURRENTLY DONATING except to very specific charities who I know are active and actually donate to others. Thank you for your patience, Gaia Community 3nodding
I am accepting donations to help out my Charity- any & all, big & small. Please send any donations to:CostumeFairy<-click
Please make sure to PM her to let her know if you wish to NOT be on the list of Donors (you can donate anonymously so that you don't have beggars knocking down your PM door).
I do plan to try to start a new Charity, but I am taking the longer route & going through all the planning stages BEFORE starting the Charity Thread. I have the Guild, but will need Staff Members to help me actually build the Charity. I hope to have it up and running by ?? I don't know yet.
We'll see. confused
I will sometimes have one of my Dream Guides {DG} guiding me through dreams & wishes- they will be equipped with my avi heart My magical yeti, Pooka, is the Lead DG. The newbies are called Guides-In-Training: Menchi my puppy & Spirit my KiKi (on loan to another friend sad I hope she is well). They must learn the ways of the Dream Guides. My CoCo is named Flit (also on loan to another friend sad I miss him)- he is one who can guide me into the dreams of the dark-hearted (just because they are dark does NOT mean they are evil- keep that in mind 3nodding )
My current DG is Fluff, the Angel Imp. Isn't he cute? He's tired from flying around Gaia to help me and the other Fairies find people who we can help heart

Here she is!! Baby Xia, my Quest Sheebil! Click to HUG or POKE her!
Since I'm not really currently tracking my questfor the North Kitten Star, I'm not keeping her in my Sig anymore. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Last but not least: my newest Avi Art!
I LOVE Avi Art, so if you love the look of my avi & want to put your art skills to the test, I am ALWAYS willing to pose for artists 3nodding

This comes from pumpkinking3001:
User Image
PURDY, huh? I luffs it!! heart EDIT: Thank you, Pumpkinking3001, for sending me the image again heart
You luff the pretty arts, yes? Then go buy some from PumpkinKing3001!! blaugh

My newest piece of artwork comes from a wonderful Gaian named xGWAR:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
She doesn't have a shop, but if you bribe her properly, you might be able to get her to do some arts for you, too! biggrin

To All: Be Good...The Fairies are watching you! 4laugh


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Yes, I'm a bit younger than you, seeing that you mentioned Duran Duran haha.

I'm attending TAFE which is like a vocational school, studying Japanese.
I should take up something like Electronics or Finance..

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and in the night... you'll hear me calling

Hey, that wasn't a question!

I'm sorry, I was away for a little while. I'm back now 3nodding

and in your dreams... you'll see us falling


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I don't PUSH my Faith and beliefs on you, so why do you try so hard to PUSH your Atheism on me?
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