Fakir is Mytho's roommate and one of the seniors at Kinkan Academy. His stern disposition causes him to constantly butt heads with Ahiru. He is also fiercely protective of Mytho and strives to keep him isolated. When Mytho starts regaining emotions, he asks questions that unnerve Fakir and set him off to stop Princess Tutu. He eventually uses his blood to undo the seal on Mytho's sword and tries using it to break his heart, but Tutu and Mytho convince him to stop, although he declares them enemies.
He tries to fight Kraehe several times, but is always driven off by the crows. It turns out that he is the incarnation of the Knight from the Prince and the Raven, who is fated to die in a single blow from the Raven's claws. He has a large, jagged birthmark across his chest that mimics the Knight's scar. After Kraehe rips out Mytho's feeling of love, Fakir uncovers Ahiru's secret identity but works with her to find the two of them. He is seemingly killed by the crows, only to be rescued by Edel.
However, Mytho has been poisoned by Raven's blood, and Fakir is powerless to stop his changes aside from fighting him a few times. The visit of his old friend, Raetsel, brings up memories of his past: as a child, Fakir loved to write stories, but one of them went wrong and ended up with his birth parents being killed by crows. After meeting Autor and almost being absorbed by the World Tree, he regains his story-spinning powers, but this makes him a target of the Book Men, who also reveal that he is Drosselmeyer's descendant.
In the finale, Drosselmeyer tries getting Ahiru to drown herself through Fakir's stories, and although he drives him off, he is forced to rescue Ahiru from the bottom of her despair. He promises to accept her after she gives up her pendant and turns back into a duck, pointing out that they both need to return to their true selves so the Prince and the Raven can stop. Guided by the hope her last dance releases over the town, he finishes the story and destroys Drosselmeyer's grip on their reality, finally bringing about a happy end.