Name: Daniel (Dan for short)
Age: 24 (I'm an oldie, I know)
Gender: Male (Did you have to ask?)
Relationship Status: Taken
Location: Oregon
The Man behind the Avatar

That's the Basics.
Other then that I'm just a down to Earth kind of guy, who go's about enjoying the day as it comes.
I have an Awesome girlfriend by the way.
She a red head. And kinky.
Easy to talk to.
Easy to get along with.
I'm as straight as an Arrow.
I love all types of Woman. Size, Shape, what not, does not matter to me.
Woman are naturally beautiful.
We guy's can't make life, they can.
We guy's just carry the spark, they fuel the fire for life.
Other then that, I'm really not sure what to talk about in these 'About Me' sections.
I mean, most people try to make themselves sound better then they are.
I'm just going to be straight forward and put whats in my mind.
Which is mostly just random gibberish.
Is that good?
I don't know, you tell me.
Well, if you do want to know me, or just talk, Leave a Comment, or send me a Message.