I love markers
I love eyeliner [especially on hot guys]
I love paper
I love rainbows
I love making my cats dance
I love incense
I love old school polly pocket
I love uncut, uncensored
I love asian food
I love coconut
I love strobe lights
I love killing zombies
I love humping sign posts
I love the smell of gasoline
I love peanutbutter and jelly
I love squid jerky
I love the smell of play-doh
I love pocky
I love taking a shower [makes me feel tingly]
I love rollercoasters
I love doing the technicolour yawn on people I hate
I love proving people wrong
I love all asian people [except the ugly, fat, inbred, retarded, smelly, cross-eyed, small peter ones]
I love groping myself and other people
I love all pirates [except the ugly, fat, inbred, retarded, smelly, cross-eyed, crooked peter, peg legged ones]
I love mushrooms [Not the magical ones that grows off cow manure]
I love piercings, tatts
I love green [green loves me]
I love wearing see-through lacy underwear
I love broccoli
I love chicken
I love not you
I love Halloween
I love hips
I love muffin tops cereal
I love hating
I love bingles
I love cats
I love fur coats
I love videogames
I love anime
I love all nudists [except the ugly, fat, inbred, retarded, smelly, cross-eyed, crooked peter, small peter, hairy, saggy, old ones]
I love potatoe launchers
I love coffee [can't you tell]
I love cheesecake
I love the smell of crayons
I love all vanilla flavoured things [except the ugly, fat, inbred, retarded, smelly, cross-eyed, crooked peter, small peter, hairy, saggy, old, diseased, moldy, discoloured, bathroom walls and ect]
I love the number 8 [It owns your souls]
I love photography
I love doritos
I love mini coopers
I love expensive stuff for cheap prices
I love blue cream soda
I love music boxes
I love stickers
I love prodding and poking meat packages at the grocery store
I love eating grapes with pesticides on them at the store also
I love the smell of paper
I love all cheeses [except the ugly, fat, inbred, retarded, smelly, cross-eyed, hairy, saggy, diseased, roach infested, hobo touched, partly eaten, hard as steel, dry as old lady boobs, new car smell and ect]
I love throwing food at innocent bystanders
I love eating with very bad table manners
I love making homophobes feel uncomfortable with their sexuality
I love baking cookies
I love waffles
I love wii
I love beanie weanies
I love tomatoe soup
I love maiming people with chop sticks
I love drawing yuri
I love honey mustard
I love making someone else do it
I love porn and hentai
I love being naked
I love your mum, but your dad loves me best
I love t-shirt hell
I love manga and comics
I love hats
I love tacos
I love pants
I love skittles
I love drawing on myself
I love sniffing freshly cut wood [yay! tree blood!]
I love picking my nose when no one's looking then wiping it on someone I hate
I love cussing [!@#%$@^#%(%#&(%!]
I love gaia gold
I love cat collars [jin-gle]
I love leaving Santa viagra and weight loss pills for Christmas
I love sleeping naked
I love cartoons
I love watching things go boom
I love freaking out on elevators
I love freaking people out on elevators
I love glow sticks
I love finger nail polish
I love making prank calls on chinese people
I love disney movies
I love to hate Pixar
I love playing with lighters
I love coloured pencils
I love good hygiene
I love movies
I love techno and trance
I love towels fresh from the dryer
I love smell of winter
I love the contrast of hues during a thunderstorm
I love fortune cookies
I love caller ID
I love impersonating a mentally incompetent person when telemarketers call
I love weird food combos
I love tarot cards
I love eggrolls
I love making up scenarios with my friends
I love hitting people with chinese yo-yos
I love duck sauce
I love EarthBound/Mother 2 SNES videogame.
I love old cartoons
I love vw vans and mini-coopers
I love kettle corn
I love catwoman
I love super smash bros. melee
I love forums
I love movies that make you think
I love plot twisters
I love making the dogs in the neighborhood bark at night
I love throwing big objects down the stairs in the middle of the night
I love spray whipped cream
I love body paint
I love candy bras and necklaces
I love blacklights
I love corsets
I love adult oriented humor cartoons
I love black hair with green eyes [very sexy]
I love posters
I love riding in shopping carts
I love scaring my cats with the vaccuum
I love spicy food
I love black paper
I love watching intros
I love cheese
I love trench coats
I love morbidness
I love mayor west aka mayor chapstick [he's as paranoid of zombies as I am]
I love sugar
I love feathered pillows and blankets
I love chains
I love barbies and making them do naughty things
I love icecream
I love being a pill queen
I love spacing out
[]To be Continued...


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P o i s o n e d . S o u l

Hiya Fae!^^
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Hey! scream

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Dude what the ******** is up.... me I'm just missing neep you and the rest of the pack. Nyo call me call me till my parents cave in I lost your number..... why????
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XD thanks

that's okay, it happens to me a lot :3

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