As of 09/15/2016....

Current Mood: Content
Current Sanity Level: "....."
Currently Playing: Scarlet Blade, Elsword, Ragnarok Online (HeRO server)
Currently Replaying: Fable 2
Currently Listening To: Cry of Fear OST
Currently Reading: Servamp scanlations
Saving Up For: Eh....nothing right now, actually....
Current Interests: writing stories, playing video games, and drawing mah pictures

Wow...it's been a while, Gaia. I'm still kind of busy, but you can PM me about RPing and the like.

Name: Fae
Age: Not telling~
About Me: I've been told that I'm very polite with new people, but I get feisty around my long-time friends easily. So apparently the tsundere expression isn't a lie. Potential friends, you have been warned.

Also, let me know if you play Elsword or Scarlet Blade. We can bond.


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neko's Journal

Don't expect a common topic in this book. I write about a lot of things...


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haha tnx likewise
Awesome Thingy

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Awesome Thingy

Hey there. Recently on my birthday, my original account (Mr_CosplayXD) was hacked. Please DO NOT TRUST MR_COSPLAYXD until further notice! Until then, I ask that you do not unfriend me in case I regain control, but don't trade, gift, or interact with my main account either. I'm not asking for handouts. Just warning everyone.
Please be careful!

I'd also really appreciate if you add this mule account if you haven't already. Thanks!

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awesome avi owob

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tanks for the buy.wanna be friends?

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Thank you, neko-chan! Happy birthday to you too~...Granted, I've no idea when your birthday is, but whenever it may happen to roll around...HAPPY BIRTDHAY! :3

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