A Little More About the Real Me

Oh so bored, probably just goto sleep...

Well, first off I am a boy. Also I'm 6'1, 188 lbs, I have short brown hair... green eyes...
I collect Halos and items that look like a Halo.

Other little random facts and opinions:
Apparently I'm a friendly guy
I like cherry cheesecake
I think that being forgotten is worse then death
I like the Final Fantasy series
I often wonder why they call it "CottageCheese"
I want to put matter and antimatter together
I say "my ceiling" when poeple say "whats up?"
Anything is possible so long as you believe it can happen
The problem with the statement above is doubt
There's only 1 spot in my house with carpet
I like cold showers, and i love them when I take them with freinds
The chair im sitting on is about to fall apart
My walls are covered in Coq
I like building things, although I suck at it
I like disco
I can't stand poeple who goto a club/rave/andywhere were you should dance, and don't...
I dance like a retard with uncontrollable musle spasms
I like DDR
When ever I get a girlfreind i make her play DDR with me
I play Magic: The Gathering
I head-bang to country
Minecraft is Legos 2.0
Doctor Who is one of the best shows on television
24 is my fav. number
I like infomercials, they make me laugh
I shake my fist at Xanga *shakes fist*
I like my hobo hat
I like to draw
I suck a art
I feel like I'm in a giant orange when I sit in my chair
I'm learning to write in C++
Mozilla is better then Internet Explorer
When I listen to techno I want to eat CoCoa Puffs
I own at chess
It's impossible to beat FF9 in under 12hours
I wish that I could fly
My mouse sucks
Alcohol is my antidrug
I don't own anymore white socks
My fav. color is Orange
I have a kitty
Catgirls are awsome
Chobits is one of the greatest animes ever
I like flowers
[adult swim] is awsome
I broke my doorhandle, but I dont know when
I currently hate bananas
My room is currently orange
My chair broke, and I fell
I need to shave
I have a sudden erge to break something
I have hairy toes...