the name's ╚»faby«╝. im a officially a senior. im the girl who doesnt like to be the center of attention. i kind of find that embarrassing people watching you. i have a pet peeve. i dont like people not shutting the door when they come in. i know your probably thinking thats weird...and yet feel the same way. its a habit...i also that everything is a habit...which is not really true because thats how i function...i like soccer....i used to play soccer, but i stopped playing for almost 2 years...and i kind of miss it. but pretty soon im going to start playing soccer. i am not that social...try not expose myself too much...i try not to change myself because dont lose the person i am...i want to better myself, because i know i have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I dont see the point in changing myself...i am a random person i say something randomly and someone tells me thats wrong...thats me. thats who i am. you dont have to like me. you dont have to be my friend. i only ask you if you have something to say about me, dont be a p***y and just say to my face. if you are those people that like to spread rumors just for the ******** of it, then you are worse then trash, because you have no dignity nor guts whatsoever to confront the person you are talking s**t to. just remember you are a p***y when you spread rumors...dont be one of those people... smile