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Well i suppose i should tell you a little about myself

My name is Kimberly, I'm 18. =D I'm a very fun and outgoing person and i have a thing for bright colors. I love music, and i'd probably be dead without it. People tend to think i'm joking when i say that, but they are unfortunatly wrong.
Pink is my favorite color, and i have one obbsession that will eventally put me into debt.

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Hello Kitty

senior year I just graduated highschool!!!

My future includes

Graduating High School
Staying home for a year to travel
Traveling to japan for the summer and coming home with way too much hello kitty stuff
Going to college
Becoming a famous hair and make-up stylist
Then becoming a fashion designer
and then a singer
maybe a chef...
Living for a long time with my friends and flying around the world
And to have this car
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Oh..and marrying this man ^_^
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If you ever want to make me something, here is a lists of my likes

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Your Mom <3 She loves me
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Stick Figures
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Dinosaurs x3

Sharpies Rock My Underwear...

Well Thats It About Me! If you want to know more, then just feel free to ask <3 M'kay?

My Avatar Art

Art made for me
Art i've done
Whiskey Sour
Kyli and Sky


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u b e r  E R R O R_

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u b e r E R R O R_

Hi everyone, this is F R A G I L I T Y new account is u b e r E R R O R_ add it folks :3

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Happy Birthday

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User Image I'm fighting every war at once, and I'm winning...


I've sat through the ten minute version of it like, two whole times already.

I love sum mudkipz.


You can't think of me as you did in the beginning.

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pretty³³³ pínk hair =D

very beautiful =3

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My buddy bought a skeleton for $3000... I wish I was that kind of rich, although I'd probably spend it on booze and clothes. That would rule!

Random comment, word.

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your very welcome and you should start talking to me more ok
Icarus Fallen

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Icarus Fallen

So far away... oh well. It's not like I see you everyday anyways, lol.
Icarus Fallen

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Icarus Fallen

Where are you moving to?
Icarus Fallen

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Icarus Fallen

Kimmieeeee User Image I hope things turn around.


This is Me.

Once upon a time...
There was a girl