hey people : D you may call me fox : D

contact me via PM! don't worry, i won't snap at you

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more to come : O ... <33

i finally decided to update this thing cuz ...
    1. last time i did my name was still [.fox.]
    yeah had to change that because the periods disallowed me to type in towns? yeah ... stupid
    2. i was 5'8" when i wrote that XDD hahaha ... whoot i grew 2 inches since then! : P

anyways .... i'm a pisces but ... don't really act like it (act more like a scorpio ...)

i was born in the year of the sheep, so a lot of my art has sheep and fish and ... is all asian-esque. yeah

i am male ; O last time i checked at least. and doesn't feel like i lost anything since then.

i can type like .... 80 wpm ... on a good day. but my ********' carpul tunnel kills my hands D :

i'm pretty smart : ) emotionally smart ..... i'm really un-bias (well tend to be)

i expect as much out of everyone as i do myself > _ > so expect me to have high standards of you

i'm actually pretty friendly, once you get past my "jack-a**-ish self" and "tough love b***h" side of me 8 D <33

i'm really more complex then i tend to show. (REAL complex)

i suck at spelling, shut the ******** up it's not going to kill you so quit your whining > _ >;;

i'm ..... bi? i think o - o but i like guy's way more (not out irl ...YET)
    i like asian, emo, and white guys 8 D;; yeah sorry . _ . i feel bad

i LOVE color 8 D ... rainbow X3 yeah hehehehe

i have dark brown wavy hair (and finally like it! : D yay~) and light brown eyes n _ n which is awesome <33

i like double spacing . _ . sorry ... it's what constantly typing essays in mla format do to you ...

i like writing small too : ) looks nice and a lot neater (especially when you write in the middle of the lines ... yeah)

i don't really like sweet food ... sorry it's just so nasty i can barely stand it ...

i have high hopes and dreams for my self (yes that means for you TOO! D: < wink

oh my jesus i'm never going to stop XDD;;; hahahah ... this is too long. how about you ask about me later if you'd like? k? : P through a PM or IM ; D yeah. <33

- [ f o x ]

(haven't updated this in the LONGEST time but, i'll keep it for nostalgia reasons)


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Fun in the sun during summer! sit back, and relax!


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Stone Field

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Stone Field

Thanks for buying :3

And LOL at the comment below me xD
Cadillac Blood

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Cadillac Blood

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                                        My high is low...
                                        I'M DRESSED UP WITH NO PLACE TO GO!!

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                                        And all I know...
                                        IS I'M AT THE START OF A PRETTY BIG DOWNER!

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Love your avi.
fiddle foddle

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fiddle foddle

Thats cool, man.

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Lol, I'm glad you like it. XD

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In your undies??

You look hald like a geisha and half like a little boy XD
Minikui Faku

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Minikui Faku

oh... ahaha. thanks. yeah, i pop up there every now and then. i dont know, its not cut in ny way, i just muss it. aha!! thanka joos though!!
Minikui Faku

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Minikui Faku

hola taco!! fooooooxy!!! ehehehehe!!! hi hi!!

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Panda my love!!