Aight let's cut the s**t,
    If you wanna get on my good side,
    you buy me fried chicken.
    I prefer Popeyes over KFC, but
    if you don't wanna spend the extra
    six minutes to drive a little
    further to Popeyes then ******** you.
    My favorite item on the KFC menu
    is #3 hot with potato wedges and
    a coke. For Popeyes I want the #2
    3pc bonafide with the cajun fries
    and a coke.

    My homeboy tyrone, we take baths
    together. It's not gay, because I
    called nohomo beforehand.

    OK now to talk about my interests...
    ZOMBIES. I'm ******** love 'em zombies.
    I've watched almost all zombie
    apocolypse movies and tv series.
    I actually honestly want a ********'
    zombie apocolypse to happen.
    That way, all the ******** will
    die and only the sensible will
    survive. Then I'll have fun playing
    counter-strike irl.

    Oh, I know you're probably wondering
    how I look like irl. You can print
    it out and s**t, I don't mind.
    LOLOLjk, I know I'm ugly.