-19 years old.
-Student (university, dig?)
-Ever so oddly dysfunctional
-Possibly insane, but in the nicest way possible
-Always happy to help
-Hugs, lie-ins and cups of tea = LOVE.
-Anything else, just ask.

Nice to meet ya, why not leave a message? I'll dance at your wedding if you do. There might even be a shiny sixpence in it for you. ;D


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A Cautionary Tale...

Listen well!

'Ello and welcome to my journal. I've kept many journals over the years and recently I've moved onto using the electronic versions, such as what you are reading now. I've not long been on Gaia but already I'm enjoying it a great deal and can see myse


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Blue Eyed Wallflower

Report | 03/16/2010 10:42 pm

Blue Eyed Wallflower

I love your signature. ^_^ Also, since I am commenting, I guess this means you will dance at my wedding. Well, that's lovely! You'll have to wait two years though. biggrin

Report | 01/22/2010 8:12 pm


Hey YOU!

How's life? What's new?
Acyd Rayne

Report | 04/13/2009 6:18 pm

Acyd Rayne

Hi!! Long time since we talked. Sorry 'bout that, haven't had internet in a while. So how have you been? I've been doing great, been very busy though. How was your Easter? Mine was kinda boring but it was ok. Write back soon ok. smile
Industrialized Candies

Report | 01/12/2009 6:27 pm

Industrialized Candies

You sir?!
How's about a shave?
Come n' visit your good friend Sweeney.
You sir?!
Too sir,
welcome to the grave!
I will have vengance,
I will have salvatiooon!!
Industrialized Candies

Report | 01/11/2009 2:11 pm

Industrialized Candies

We all deserve to die!
Tell you why Mrs. Lovette,
tell you why.

Because in all of the whole human race,
Mrs. Lovette,
there are two kinds of men and only two!

There's the one staying put in his rightful place,
and there's the one with his foot in the other one's face!

Look at me Mrs. Lovette,
look at you.

Don't we all deserve to die?...
I n s e n t i v e

Report | 01/08/2009 7:40 am

I n s e n t i v e

oh, erm, yeah.
if you like.

I n s e n t i v e

Report | 01/08/2009 1:47 am

I n s e n t i v e

if they aren't stabbed first wink

Report | 01/06/2009 10:07 pm


ARGH! I had a wonderful reply written up, but my computer crashed before I could post it! AAAAAAAHHH!

I feel a little better now.

Wooh, am I glad I decided to stay home at the last minute! That iceberg would have been nasty to deal with. Not to mention the all hands lost thing. I need mine to play, you know? (Oh, word plays)

Resolutions? What!?
I guess they're a good thing, but I always end up not sticking to mine, so I've given up making them. Now I write lists of things I need to do and stick them up on my wall above my lamp, so whenever I go to bed at night I get a guilt trip about all the things I haven't accomplished yet. Seems to work for me. wink

So... what are your resolutions for this year, if you don't mind me asking?

Report | 01/03/2009 6:07 am


I've only ever watched the movie and I think it's awesome. xD

Report | 01/02/2009 4:53 am


Yup yup you are seeing such a thing.

The Xmas special wasn't actually that bad. The budget obviously has been slashed by the BBC but otherwise I kinda liked it.

But yeah I have an RP character based around Aeon Flux in a Doctor Who roleplay. xD


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