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Fellow AVATAR lovers Na'vi and friends. I wish to befriend as many of you as there are. If you would like that leave a comment and a request. ~Eywa~

Speak and you shall be be Heard

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Mia Miraculous Report | 10/10/2012 6:22 am
Mia Miraculous
My our avatar is so amazing ❤
Uniltaronyu Report | 04/25/2011 7:32 am
Kaltxì ma nawma sa'nok! Ngaru lu fpom srak? heart
Kottan Belle Report | 03/10/2011 1:36 am
Kottan Belle
Oel ngati kameie
Kitsune Rin Yamamoto Report | 01/27/2011 6:45 pm
Kitsune Rin Yamamoto
Eywa ngahu

I am Kame'alìm

I love your profile!
`Kuroda` Report | 01/13/2011 8:57 pm
you have an awesome profile and i love your avatar. i am a fan of that movie too.

"I see you." biggrin
Daimon_Cerberus Report | 01/08/2011 4:40 pm
Your layout is amazing. I would make an Avatar layout but there are two others that fill my heart alongside Avatar.
The Hell Kitty Hex Report | 12/26/2010 11:55 am
The Hell Kitty Hex
Hi! ^^
Infinite Eve Report | 12/08/2010 8:15 pm
Infinite Eve
Hello Sa'nok Eywa! Did I tell you that I have decided on a Na'vi name? I am now Mkxira.
Lucian Servion Report | 12/08/2010 3:27 am
Lucian Servion
hello mother ....Oel Ngati Kameie
Foerory Report | 09/26/2010 6:50 am
you have a really awesome profile, dearest na'vi's goddess
your avi is great too !


Eywa's avatar

Gender: Female

Location: Pandora

Occupation: Deity

Recent news....

QUESTING Silver Laurels!!!!
need very much a lot of help for this mission.
Please help, it would mean very much to have this item.
For the Tree of Spirits would be a very important addition as some of you may know. :3 heart

Echelon-Enochian 30,000 Thank You so much! heart

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I am Eywa

Deity Mother, I am the life force on Pandora. Do not under estimate my existence, I am real and very much alive. I give life and accept life back to me when it is time. For I keep the balance on the planet. When it is time to return to the planet I welcome you with open arms.

I am of love, pureness, and protection. Every life is just as important as another. Every being has its special purpose.

If you try to harm the precious life that which is sacred to me on my planet. Harm my Children, Offset the balance I create, and you WILL feel my wrath.

Always giving signs, I remind you that I am ever present, I am all around. So if you listen you will hear me, if you look you will see me. If you pray I will protect thee.
If you love, you will feel me.

You are all sacred to me as I am to you.
For you are all my Children.
One part of the same existence.

"I See You."

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Na'Vi behind the Deity,
Just a unique compassionate person. A young lady in her 20's. I have likes and dislikes. I am a nice person whose accepting, friendly, and funny :3 I do not like mean Ignorant closed minded people, so if you fit in this category please do not disturb me with your hate. If you are polite kind and friendly welcome :3
I am very complex beyond all understanding, I believe that maybe I can be understood by someone someday. Maybe hose who are just as deep as I.
I may be that underneath But I have an outer side that is easy for others to understand so they don't get a head ache xP
I love, Nature, Astrology, Astronomy, Animals/Wildlife, Sparkles, Candles, Flowers, Walks, Night Drives,Gardening, Fantasy, Reading, ect.
I love to Sing (Which I am good at) :3 Listening to Music, Composing Music, Writing, Making Art. Acting, Star Gazing,
Yada Yada Yada....

No, I am not a Smurf. To make such accusations about Avatar the Na'Vi , is just pure ignorance which I will not tolerate. To call AVATAR a movie about blue hippie people and some tree is also ignorant. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But there is a fine line between opinions and ignorance.

Why I love AVATAR. Though it may be a theme done many times before. The message is still very clear and important. Love, Respect Acceptance, Understanding, Spiritual Enlightenment. Responsibility. Such as to move these into motion. You have the power its up to you to bring it forth. Will you?
I am very spiritual, so I understood AVATAR very well and its messages.
As I did with Fern Gully, Pocahontas, and Dances with Wolves.
Call me a blue tree hugging smurf. Fine, I'm proud to be, are you proud to be judgmental and ignorant?

Love, Think Love, Be Love. ~Buddha~

I myself have been searching for a word to describe something deeper then Love.Something less shallow. I've been trying to think of a phrase or word that says I love, accept and want everything that you are, your all I need "You" truly you inside. "I Love You." didn't cut it for me. But my quest had been failing me. I figured I would make up a new word or phrase to put all that into one, since I couldn't find one.Then AVATAR came out. Believing very deeply in the Na'vi's way of life which is almost an exact replica of my beliefs and way of living.
When the saying and belief in their "I See You." came about I nearly died of a eureka! moment! I was so Flabbergasted at what it meant, it was exactly what I had been searching for. Everything that matters in three simple deep words was what I had been searching for. I would rather the love of my life say
"I See You." then hearing "I Love You."
Anyone can "Love" not everyone can "See". Of coarse "I See You." shouldn't be used lightly, as "I Love You." tends to be. I will only say "I See You." when I truly find the One whom fulfills my need for that deep spiritual bond, but of coarse only if they "See Me" too.
THANK YOU AVATAR! you made my life easier :3

Its funny when I tried to describe what I meant by that to some I would say."
I need something stronger then I love you, Something that says I see who you are everything you are ect." All along the answer was there, just not in the words I was looking for until AVATAR.

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What is AVATAR, well maybe to put it simply its Dances with Wolves meets Pocahontas meets Fern Gully but with a dash of Tron. If you know the story's you'll know what I mean. or perpas that is the deffinition for those who can not think on their own. hm?

I like you Dreamwalker :D

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