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i think i dropped my noodles


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dragon_princess_ruler Report | 02/07/2016 10:48 am
thank u for buying
NataliaxRomanova Report | 10/04/2012 7:12 am
Beautiful Avatar.
zOMG Pack Mule Report | 09/20/2011 11:21 pm
zOMG Pack Mule
Okay good. xd Hackers usually leave accounts bare so I'm glad to be mistaken.
zOMG Pack Mule Report | 09/20/2011 10:21 pm
zOMG Pack Mule

Hey eyesis, it's Sakura. I was just checking on you, your character didn't have any clothes so I thought you got hacked or something. o.o Anyways get back to me when you can.

Awesome profile by the way. Your furries are so cuuuuuute! whee

Anzlem Report | 09/18/2011 3:47 pm

Okay you would need to send a trade to the mule. There isn't a Donation feature for it, though I wish there was. xd

If you look at the bottom of Gaia, there's these quick launch links. (You won't see it if your Viewing someones profile.) One of them is trade, click that, then there will be a box where you type the username of the person you want to trade with. When you finished click on GO. You'll be taken to another page and it will show a picture of your avatar and the person your trading with. In the box that is next to your avatar, type the gold amount you wish to give. Type your password in the box below (so they know its you and not someone else) and hit Offer. You will need to wait until the person hits accept, after they do that you will need to hit accept in order for it to go through. 3nodding

ninja-Ops-zero Report | 08/29/2011 10:20 pm
nice pro cool dog and ur right the hat do's look funny lol
eysis_hunters_moon Report | 08/19/2011 7:14 pm
hahaha hi i love you teheheh hiiiii sam sam
Piper Moirai Report | 08/13/2011 11:14 am
Piper Moirai
Piper Moirai Report | 08/06/2011 1:13 pm
Piper Moirai
Piper Moirai Report | 08/06/2011 1:09 pm
Piper Moirai
lol i know i can tell eek



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Piper Moirai

this is ugly me yay!!!1 in my awsum hat w a freaking thingy jiggy on top heck jes!!!

this is my baby boy at 3months sniffle they grow up so fast but i love him to death and hes one bad ass dog

this is my shadow seeker or know by me my seek seek. he was my favy cat in the world n i miss him. sniffle R.I.P

this is my hunters moon at 6 months. yes he is a wolf dog hes alaskian husky. and yes hes one bad ass mother fugder. i know you dont gotta tell me how jello you are xp

this pic is one of my favs he stopped in the right moment and the camra caught it

enjoying the grass among our favriote things to do

white cat is crakers and the black one is smokey. my black cats son. i loves my animals

hi this is my page and this is me. a girl who loves her animals. they are my life they will never hurt or betray me and id rather have them then always getting hurt by mean people. if you think im wired then good id rather be a freak than normal any day. im a aswum person once you get to know me and if my freakness scares you then im not the person for you lol

he will not be for gotten xD jk lol

yea these to are lover buggers lols but the best!!!!!

yea well im on a break with my bf. well how dose that make you feel? ahhhhhhhh i dont know wat to think!!!!!! >.< life bites and makes me sad i wish i could have my mr.right but this is suppose to be good for use or him T_T

me at a winter formal i look so white cause of the flash xp n ugly lols

this is what i always dream my love will say to me. i love this quote from the bottom of my heart. i wish to hear this quote from my true love one day. yes its chezzy and cleshay but u know what thats what makes it special

final fantasy 8 for ps1 is my all time favorite final fantasy love story my second would have to be ff10. <3 <3 <3 ff8 reminds me of my self so yea >.<