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I'm Chloe.
I love many things.

Im 14.
I love DDR.
[Im not that yet though D:]


Talk to meee! :]]
I like to be talked to.
I like random PM's and comments. <3

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This ish Jessica my good friend. [J E S S F A C E]
I lurve her. xD
She helps me though stuff.
Gives my good adivse and helpes me perfect things. x]

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This is Callie. [Withoutawheel]
She be meh friend! x]
I'm so happy for that too.
I love her so much.
I hope we'll always be best friends. <333

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Alex. [Funkycrime91]
I LOVE him.
I want to be with him forever. <33
He's pretty much the best things that happened to me. x]
I love you Alex. <3

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This is David. [DarkQuatre]
I haven't known that long, and he's already become one of my really good friends.
He's pretty awsome.
Can make you laugh and fun to hang out with.

Awww...Cute little bunny. :]]
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I enjoy many things


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Donators -
ramune ninja - 10k THANK YOU!!! <3333

FIN. x]


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