Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/04/1994


Hello everyone! If you are visiting my page because you already know me, awesome! If not, still awesome! I know I am not as active on here as I once was, but that's mostly because gaia isn't as fun for me anymore. You have to spend REAL money to play anymore and that's just not cool; especially when you have irl bills... So if any of you knew me, you probably already knew I draw avi art here on gaia. Well now since the gaia economy is in the trash, and I have bills irl, I am swapping over my drawing skills to deviantart where I can make real money to pay for those real bills @.@ I will still accept avi art requests as normal, and feel free to message me on here about it, but from now on, unless otherwise stated, I will be doing the rest of my drawing through deviantart for cash. Sorry everybody :c

Gaia commissions for art will now be done through deviantart for real money

Here is a link to my DA

I draw avi art and pokemon art!

Friend codes for 3DS Pokemon or Animal Crossing? Count me in! Just message me for my code!