Hey there!! ❥

I'm not really anything special. Just your ordinary, typical -and sometimes boring- type of girl.

What? You want a list? FINE! <.<

Wait first let me clear something up, I do not really like shine or shiny objects like my name implies. My theory is that I was possessed by a crow or something when I chose it. Yes, that must be it! -nods- Anyway, to the list! emotion_yatta


• Am a girl.

• Turned 18 on June 23rd.

• Am from Bahrain. Ever heard of it? It's a country in the Middle East where nothing really happens- Except for the revolution now-a-days, but that's about it.

• Tend to make linguistic errors. To my defense, English isn't my native language :3

• Am the Queen of Typos. emotion_awesome

• Am a bookworm!

• Am shy and awkward around people I haven't met before. I'm trying to overcome this so bear with me ^///^

• Am a cold-tempered person.

• Love anime (Though I didn't watch much of that) and manga.

• Like playing video games, I just don't play that often '^^

• Am a WGer!

( and if you don't know what that is, try clicking this! We don't bite. Well, usually xD. )

• Am lost as to what to write now. So I guess I'm gonna stop.

• Am stopping.

• Am stopping for real. xD

• ... Is someone still reading this?! I'd tip my hat for your patience xD

[ Wanna know more? Feel free to attack the comment section down there whee ]

< I made this profile using a wide screen, and just recently I tried viewing it with my laptop and things were jumbled up sweatdrop if the words are all over the place just... think of it as an original intended random look for a profile until I find a way to sort this out xD >


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ur welcome smile

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fearless black rose

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fearless black rose

lol, lucky you...... I don't have the patience to re-read a book.
That sounds like fun! I wish I had fun projects like that sad
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Report | 02/21/2012 5:19 am

fearless black rose

I am not a grea fan of rereading books unfortunately sweatdrop
Yup, the fights make me love him even more. whee
Muskrat Master

Report | 02/19/2012 2:26 pm

Muskrat Master

Yeah, thank you! C:
Muskrat Master

Report | 02/19/2012 2:23 pm

Muskrat Master

I come and I go. I haven't been in the WG for awhile, this thing called life keeps making me avoid Gaia. xD
Muskrat Master

Report | 02/19/2012 2:19 pm

Muskrat Master

Hey! Thanks for the tip! :3
fearless black rose

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fearless black rose

Awwwww.... Thanks a lot! blaugh
Same here..... But I haven't had the time to read a book since college started sad
Mine fights with me too.... sad
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fearless black rose

heart Thank you! Yes I can! emo
You totally should! Its WAY better than anything else.....
He's good, enjoying boarding school..... Got into a fight yesterday and landed up in the principal's office rofl I'm so proud of my baby brother....
fearless black rose

Report | 02/11/2012 2:04 am

fearless black rose

They can, if I don't score well and the head of the department doesn't like me sweatdrop
I made up for it today.... Have been sleeping all day, whee ...
Yes,lol... my randomness surfaces sometimes.


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An evolved encapsulated Shine! x3 heart