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    Art made for me! (:

    vee/val/panda. eighteen.

    I love bright colors. david yates is my hero. harry potter is my life. books are my personal movies. art is my passion. i'm still a kid at heart. ital is my dream home. monsters inc is the greatest movie ever. well, monsters&&finding nemo. i love animals. sharpies are my friends. i love to shop. so so happy is so so awesome. i like to party. i can be pretty loud. vincent van gogh is my favorite painter. mac user, apple lover. i love meeting new people. i'm kind of odd. i don't give a ******** what people think about me. i love party music. i love music period. concerts make up my summers. soy boriqua. but i'm not fluent. rping is a hobby. stories are fun to write.

    clowns suck. horror movies aren't my thing. i hate old, shaky escalators.spelling is a constant fail. bugs creep my out. bees piss me off. liars and fakers can ******** off. i'm not afraid to fight back. i give plenty of dirty looks. treat me shitty, and i'll throw it right back at you. voldemort should come abck from the dead for justin beiber and miley cyrus. homophobes need to grow up....


    eighteen. wants to party.

    i'm usually pretty open.
    talk to me for some other sort of information.