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Davisaur on 09/01/2019

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In the middle. >.> Like my lame short hair? Want a fact? FACT: My face looks fat.

My nickname is Stark. Don't want to call me that? Then call me nothing. I'm 14. I have a horrible personality. Don't judge me by my music. LOL JUST DON'T. I'm neither boy or girl. I'm attracted to neither boys or girls. I have sex with air. I'm a huge b***h. :3 And thanks to my bestie, I want to ******** Brandon Hiltion lifeless. I laugh at everything in life. I know more about health then you. Aha, now back off. ;3 I don't get on often. Just long enough to look at messages then bye bye. For weeks. xD

If you drink Alcohol...
If you do Drugs...
If you Smoke anything...
Congratulations I ******** hate you.
Because your ******** your brain/body up.
Good luck with dieing early.:3

I also hate you if you have ever cheated.
If you use the word love to much.
It's not a word to be thrown around.
If you use someone.
If your addicted to sex.
(i'd rather have a relationship with someone who can't have sex then with someone who can because then it's a better chance that person wouldn't cheat on me)
People who get joy from hurting others.
People like you who are addicted to Gaia.
PLEASE. We should of left 2 years ago before this site turned to s**t. If I ran this site I'd make it the same it was back in 05 ***** :3
If you have fake account.
Common you stupid 15 year old fat girls.
Quit pretending to be a little f** and having sex..LOL SORRY. I mean, Cyber sex with other men because your to ******** stupid to even try!! to get a relationship in the real world. Believe me hunny. Relationship over the internet 99% change they cheat on you with someone else on a different site you have no clue they have.:3
I hate people who sit in front of there computer for 20 hours.
I HATE THE DAMN NOOBS ON AION. ******** little f** v****a's.. they need to die. or play rune-scape. Somewhere away from me!

Don't get me started on my stupid 10 year old sister who role plays as a gay kid. Thanks to her bullshit I have learned to really hate role playing. THANKS RACHEL.
I hate people with to much money.
I hate huge black people.
I hate huge gay black people.
I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. and Mexicans. o.O
Quit taking our jobs you stupid ********. D:
Quit breeding so damn much and stay in mexico.
Same with people from everywhere else. Stay in your own damn country D: Except the Germans. I Loooove my Germans. o.e
I hate people who hate Big Brother.
What was it? Season 10? Dan? ******** sexy man.
Jesse can die in a hole with his huge musles GROSS.
I mean LOL did you see him wear a shirt. (for once) It was of himself. >_> please.
Jeffree Star can die.
Dahvie Vanity can die.
Lady Gaga can die.
Paris Hilton can die.
That guy from that fasion show.. can die.
Opra can die.
Jayy Von can die.
OBAMA can die... fer real.
Aha that's all I have to say. :3

Shut up. Take your left hand off your face. Sit up and just deal with my rant.

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