About... us
David: Im david 16 yrs old uhhhhh i like video games skatebording n gots my blk belt in jujitsu

how exciting....

Mike: Im also 16 yrs old i got 1 little anyonig brother and uhhhh i like video game (at this point David said "dude wtf make up your own s**t" wink i also like hmm stuff and junk

I got chills from that one (Mike responds to this "ya screw you too ya dumb a**" in which I responded "who got all 95% last year?"

Alex: I am 16 years of age and make these two tools look like small children (Mike and David hit me at this point) I just like David have my black belt in jujistu and enjoy snowboarding, archery, fencing, being better at jujitsu than David (you'll have to forgive my typing beyond thing point as I am currently in an arm triangle) I also enjoy going for walks and flowers ... I'm not a wuss eh. I am probably the most passive black belt out there and if you'd like to know anymore all you need do is ask.

David "wtf who said we can write an essay let me add more ffs"
Mike "me too then"
Me "good lord I said add as much as you like at what part did you get confused?'
Mike "so can we add more?"
(David tightens his arm tirangle)

and now for the epic continuation of this....

Mike: I also like puppys n ..... FOOTBALL!!! omg i wuv it i just want 2 make sweet love to the ( I stopped him at this point)

me (punch to his chest)
Mike "fine"
David "haha my turn
Me (punch to his chest as well)
David "wtf!"
Me "just type"

David: omg dude lok at how long dis is tink ne1 will read it idk cause i dont wana us my voice I als lik soccer anf football and watching tv I lke show lik fam guy and soth parc i aslo lik music wel we al do SCREMO FTW ha! look! scrEMO .... ALEX IT CALLING U U f** thats all

Alex: well thats about all to know we are all retard all like scremo music and are all friendly (Mike bites me at this point) and if you have actually read all of this well um I'm here if you need to cry on someone's shoulder
David "wtf does that mean"
Me "that your both retards"
Mike/David (at the same time it was scary) "o, ok"


shh dey dont c me muahhahah.......... o..... they c me BYE!


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