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My name is Nick. I tried to make my avi sorta look like me i guess. I love anime, music, and video games (i'm sort of a cool nerd i guess). I tend to get along with everyone i meet, but i dislike (not hate) people whom are mean to others, people who give up, and people who dis-respects my music. That's about it! OO and I'm Asian and i love DDR!

Just to blart out, my new goal is to work on things much harder (Auditions, studying, getting at least a 2-pack, and maybe relationships). And after, thursday, i found out I'm the type of person to not let things go away easily. My heart was broken by soo many ppl that day, because we're all going into highschool, and I'm gonna miss all my buds at Middle school.

Middle School Years will probably be the best times of my life. smile

Wahoooooooo! Je suis the best freshman violinist in hillsborough county!!!!!!
well, Judy and David, but whatever, they didn't try out so yeah!

ARGH!!!!!!!! my profile got screwed up! What's with this weird theme?
Gah, this theme is really bothering me..........


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Voltairys Report | 06/12/2011 5:34 am
Okay, well, thank you again for that unique 'Happy Birthday'! ^-^
Voltairys Report | 06/11/2011 7:59 am
Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't reply till now, but I never got a notif on it... crying
Sorry! Sorry! D:
iBleedrice Report | 06/04/2011 1:32 pm
Haha, thanks, I try biggrin

Oooo, really? Sweet. I used to be on gaia all the time in middle school but I stopped. Lol, until Desi reintroduced it XD It's so different :O
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/07/2011 10:56 pm
Sorry! Had to go to sleep. orz
Wanna try zomg later?
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/07/2011 4:26 pm
Ew...I almost puked because I was coughing so much. Don't make me puke. </3
Well, I felt sick up until after I finished...and I was probably high for the first 30 minutes...
And halfway through my first FRQ, I thought that the Scientific Revolution wasn't part of the Enlightenment after I wrote all about them...
So I probably failed. X_X
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/07/2011 3:16 am
Even more ironic: Someone had been smoking weed in the girls' bathroom before I went in at lunch.
So I was probably second-hand smoke-high for the first 30 minutes or so of the exam. :/ I felt unlucid...and not in the sleep-deprived way.
'Cause I'm usually not lucid. smile
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/05/2011 1:41 pm
And why didn't you speak to your profile about its brain on drugs?
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/04/2011 7:15 pm
Wait...what do you think I was talking about?
I'm confused. A_A
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/03/2011 7:27 pm
Was that your last one or did you try out several outfits before settling?

If all else fails, you can try the forums. :/
tsukiyukikage Report | 05/03/2011 2:28 pm
Thanks. :p Did you change yours? It looks different, but that could just be...something.
...I just woke up. :p

Really? Did you try changing the Classic/Custom/etc. thing?