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Frontier Advenures! Part 1

I like to make these Journal Episodes and put them into my Journal. I started them in my last account but they were lost. Now I've found the lost 11 Episodes of season 1 and put them on my profile. Feel free to post a comment about them. The latest Episodes i now make in my Journal. Feel free to check them out as well. I make a new Episode Every Saturday! But i haven't made a title for them jet. If you have any ideas for a title pm me.
The Layout is:



What will happen next ? To be continued.

Episode 1: It Begins
Day 1

You are walking through a forest and you find a strange path. You fallow the path to a strange cave you have never seen before but you have been on the path before losts of times. You go into the cave to see whats inside. You find an amulet.

What happens next To be continued.

Episode 2: It Begins Part 2

When you see the amulet it starts to glow. Then when you touch the amulet you have made an invisible link between you and the amulet is formed. Then all of a sudden you get sucked into a portal of some sort and transported to another dimension.

What will happen next To be continued.

Episode 3: A New World
Day 2

You wake up in a forest and you start walking down a path when realize that it is the same path that you walked down before you found the amulet. So when you go down the path again when a giant beetle comes out of nowhere and it tries to attack you. You try to run away when you get cough by the beetle and it is about to eat you.

What happens next To be continued.

Episode 4: A New World Part 2

As you get lowered in to the beetle's mouth all of a sudden the amulet you grabbed before starts to glow and then a a little dinosaur shows up to rescue you from being eaten. He shoots a powerful fire blast at the beetle and grabs you and runs away. After You and the little dino get to a safe area you ask what his name was and he tells you Tahu and ask you the same question. After the both of you are introduced to each other you ask where you was and Tahu tells you Spiral Island.

What happens next To be continued.

Episode 5: The Six Elements
Day 3

You and Tahu walk onto a Forest and you ask Tahu exacally what world they were in. Tahu answers planet B. Planet B? you say. Tahu says "yes planet B the planet of 6 elements". Tahu talks about the 6 elements and what they represent. Blue the element of Water, Green the element of Air, White the element of Ice, Black the element of Earth, Brown the element of Stone, and I am from the Red element of Fire. 6 regions with 6 different types of Haga. The Beetle that attacked before was of the Air region. Judging by where we are I'd say that we are in the air region.

What happens next To be continued

Episode 6: Lewa of the Air

Tahu finishes telling you about the elements and then something jumps out of a bush and flies away and the both of you continue moving through the forest. You reach the end of the forest and something jumps out in front of you. Tahu starts to attack it but it dodges the attack. Tahu tells the creature that he got better. So then he tells you his name was Lewa. You get confused from what happened and Tahu explains that they were old friends. Then a hornet comes along attacking Lewa. Tahu burns the hornet and it flies off. You ask why it was attacking you and Lewa says that he kinda bounced off of it tree climbing. Lewa ask why were you their and Tahu tells the mission to get you back to your dimension. So then he ask if he could come with ya since he knows the air region better and Lewa joins the party.

What happens next To be continued.

Episode 7: Gali of the Water
Day 4

You and Tahu with your newly friend Lewa continue on your adventure through Spiral Island to find yourself a way home when the 3 of you come across a gate. You wonder why their was a gate in the path when a guard of the gate shouts '' Who dares comes to the gate of Ga-Koro the capital of the water region''. You ask the guard if you could go inside the gate and says ''no unless you have a pass''. None of you have a pass and the guard tells you to leave.You and your friends cant get through when a blue Haga comes along. She what was the problem when you explain that you don't have a pass to get through the gate. She tells you what she was a teacher in the city and has a pass and she could get you in. The gaurd ask who was there and the girl shows the pass to the gaurd and lets all of you in. She ask what was your names and she says her name was Gali. After your all introduced Gali ask if you could help her out with a little job and you say ''yes''.

What happens next to be continued.

Episode 8: Ga-Koro

When you accepted the job that Gali gave you she asked if You, Tahu, and Lewa would help her in delivering some packages. Gali tells you that recently packages have been disappear while one their way to be delivered. All of you separate into two separate groups to help out. The city was very big and almost difficult to get through. When you finally get to the last package some thieves come and steal it. You chase them through the city to get it back when you finally catch the thief. The thief turns out to be the assistant teacher of Gali, Matoro. You and Matoro are about to battle when Gali steps in and battles for you. Gali used her water pulse attack but Matoro counters and uses a water slash and knocks Gali down. She almost gets defeated by another strike when she releases a burst of energy and evolves in to Nokama. she uses her blades and defeats Matoro. Matoro gives back the packages and leaves. Soon after the delivery is done Gali ask to join your team and Gali becomes a member.

What will happen next To be continued.

Episode 9: The Desert
Day 5

You and your small team continue on your adventure and you come to a desert area. Everywhere is filled with sand and the hot sun. You come across a small store with valuable items. You decide not to buy anything at that store and move along. Later, the elder of the village makes and announcement about the Kolhi Games. That The Games will start soon and anyone is able to compete. You and Tahu and Lewa decide to join the games. But you don't have any Kolhi Sticks. You remember seeing some at the shop earlier but you don't have enough Weight (Money). All of you do jobs around town and finally you have enough. The games start in 3 days so all of you start to do practice an your Passing, Shooting, and Blocking.

What will happen next To be continued.

Episode 10: The Desert Part 2

Now that You, Tahu, and Lewa have Kolhi Sticks, and a ball to practice playing Kolhi You decide to start with your Passing. (First, Kolhi is played by with a stick that has a scoop net at the top, and a mallet of some what at the bottom with a ball. Next, You can't touch the ball with your hands or with your head. Finally, you must have the ball on the ground at all times unless you are going to score or pass.) Each of you divide up into 2 teams Lewa, and Gali VS You, and Tahu. You and Tahu have a bad start until a mysterious stranger comes out of nowhere and tells you 'If you are going to compete in the Kolhi Games you will have to do better'. The mysterious stranger shows you the basics of passing in a Kolhi. After a long day of practice You ask if he could help out the next day with your Shooting and he replies 'Yes'.

What will happen next To be continued.

Episode 11: Training Daze
Day 6

Now that you know the basics of Passing in Kolhi from the mysterious stranger. The next lesson that the stranger will teach to you is how to practice is Shooting. (To score a goal in Kolhi you have to use the scoop net at the top of you Kolhi Stick to throw the ball into the air. While the ball is in the air you can kick the ball or hit it with your Kolhi Stick into the goal area before the Defender blocks your shot). After practicing and mastering the Shooting skill the stranger goes away until the next day. You, and Tahu go to check out the Kolhi Stadium to check out what i will look like. The stadium turns out to be huge enough to fit every one in town and the entire Region. You see a small figure down on the on the stadium floor. It turns out to be the stranger that has been helping you out the last 2 days and with only 2 days left until the Games. You ask him why he was there and he doesn't respond. He starts to leave and you follow him. When You, Tahu, and the Stranger get to the strangers house he tells you his story about being a famous Kolhi Player. So after his story you ask if he could be a reserved player for the team, and he replies "No". You, and Tahu leave for a good rest for the next day.

What will happen next To be continued.

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