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There is a method to my madness, or at least I hope so.

Random things I feel like posting when I'm bored, upset, or hyper.


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Hello! Um, let's see........
My real name is Sarah, and I have many interests.
I play the violin, I am on my schools soccer team, and I am in "smart" classes.
I love all kinds of rock, classical and alternative mostly. I can stand some country, r&b, and rap, but not alot.
I'm about 5'3, short light brown hair, and Hazel eyes.
Star Wars=The s**t! And the bests sports movie ever was Remeber the Titans. I like Anime and Manga, but I'm not a Japanophile or anything.
I love all of Miyazaki's movies, but I've only seen a couple, which is subject to change.
I'm not really into video games, mostly 'cause I don't know how to play them.
I am the middle child of 2 brothers, and my parents are divorced.
At the moment I only have one dog, but I am in the process of preparing myself to beg my dad to let us have another cat.(He doesn't want anymore animals).
I am 16 and currently single. I have a learners permit, and won't get my license until this upcoming september because I am a lazy procrastinator.
I am also a Christian, don't ask what kind bc I am not entirely sure myself.
I am a sophomore, and right now I can't think of anything else to add. Pm if you want to talk!


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insert --- username96 Report | 06/14/2007 9:18 am
ur lucky that u get to live in florida!!! i love that state !!!!
DemonicShadowWolf Report | 05/05/2007 4:51 am
Guess what. My gaia works again. :O
[Suicide Panda] Report | 01/07/2007 11:11 am
Alright! Anothe Miyazaki fan!
Senamii Report | 01/01/2007 9:49 am
awesome that rox xd :
SinsOfTheDivine Report | 12/17/2006 6:34 am
Thanks for commenting in my profile.
I miss him too.
Verix Vortec Report | 10/22/2006 6:40 pm
Clicky! mrgreen
Verix Vortec Report | 10/22/2006 11:22 am
*poke poke* o.o;
Verix Vortec Report | 09/30/2006 4:47 pm
Hey! Long time no see. smile
Have you visited my profile recently? I have new vids.
Dr. Mojo Report | 08/30/2006 5:06 pm
Boo normal people... Hooray us!!!!! smile
Princess Iskander Report | 07/18/2006 11:00 am
Random comment! RAWR! domokun