My favorite color is black, My nickname is admin # 23, becuz i am god. I love Panic! At the disco!! I might me gothic and all but im a total pet lover!! I have 2 pet turtles named Bingo, and Crush (Crush is from "Finding nemo" wink
I also have 4 ferrets. 2 boys to girls. Im breeding them. The boys are, Chad and David. The girls are, Avra and Goddess.
Thats not it. I have 3 dogs, and 3 cats. I know im a total pet freak. My dogs r all boys. They are, Dingo, Dainel and Stephan.
My 3 cats r 2 girls and one boy. There names are, Amber, Crystal, and the boy name is Gir. (From Invader Zim)
I LOVE INVADER ZIM AND NARUTO!!! So srry for caps, but i juat LOVE them so much!!!!

Ok, well thats basically it...if anything chages i'll let ya know! XD