Hi, my name is Yuko! I'm Chinese, in my late 20's, and a gemini.

I love games, anime, swimming, shopping, reading, and sleeping. Currently into Death Stranding and waiting for FF7R to be release in PC ver. Yes, i love devotion the game. A little too much.

Would Cosplay during free time, watch anime, would wonder around in YouTube for hours and end up somewhere strange.

Join me in the RP!

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meair Report | 08/22/2020 3:02 am
Thanks for buying. biggrin
Lady Lydsta Report | 08/03/2020 1:07 pm
Lady Lydsta
Thanks for purchase haha 4laugh
junklibrarian Report | 06/15/2020 11:54 am
Thank you for the trade! One of the items you sent was actually on my wishlist! 4laugh
Shina ooi Report | 06/15/2020 10:45 am
Shina ooi
Thanks for the gifts! heart heart heart
PartimeMagicalGirl Report | 06/10/2020 8:57 am
Thank you for buying from me! Please have a good day !
BlueberiePie Report | 06/02/2020 6:26 am
Thanks for buying! LOVELOTS!!!
Duruse-chan Report | 05/06/2020 4:04 pm
Hiya! Just taking a look at your profile emotion_yatta ... I really should update mine XD
Zuzekii Report | 05/02/2020 10:51 am
I read your store bio I found it funny n was curious what the user looked like, turns out Alice In Avalon hasnt logged in for 3 years..
BlackPear Report | 04/19/2020 11:40 pm
heart cute avi uwu
BlackPear Report | 04/19/2020 2:42 am


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Feel free to message me for a additional discount or just send a labeled trade for 5% off, but i will not accept any low ball.


Block List so far:
Alice In Avalon (Lowballing as low as more than 50% off on a item that was bmp. We were arguing back and forth, out of frustration, i send the item to her for free. She was yet still b*tching about me unwilling to take in her offer,and bantering about her pride and what not,but she kept the item anyways.And yes, i am still bitter about it.)

Have fun browsing.


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