Evil Lord Solan

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Gender: Male

Location: Space

Birthday: 07/07

Occupation: The Sun

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What I Need
Tall Paper Lantern Red - 1,200g
Midnight Gothic Bat Boots - 17,160g
Blade Of The Golden Sun's Tunic - 9,300g
Cig - 500g Donated heart
Enchanted Strings - 19,670g
Midnight Gothic Bat Trousers - 20,340g
Inari's Beads - 368,405g
Romani Glasses - 1,800g
Sun Staff - 9,467g


-- This account was originally part of a project for school, but it never came to be. --

I am Solan, the wrath-filled Sun Spirit, who watches over the planet in hopes of one day destroying you all! MWAHAHAHAHA!




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My "Best in Bottle" Answers

WOW_Choco2125 - Whos the actor/actress u hate most?
Me - Will Ferrel. Can't stand that guy.

Rabbit Tales - Peanut Butter and...?
Me - Bananas. Or jelly. Or marshmallow fluff. Or celery. Or carrots. Or crackers. But not Jelly Time. That's just wrong. ;3

Xhosa Kami - What's your favorite T.V. Show?
Me - I don't watch a lot of TV. But when I do, it's usually Famliy Guy. :3

Flamenekochan356 - Considering the fact that there is a stupid restriction of how much you can write (I had an awesome question about squirles balancing on circles balls): What flavor jello would you wrestle with me in?
Me - Orange. ... wait. Green! Green is a flavor, right? Or is it lime? Kiwi? Maybe it's watermelon. Or cantaloupe. No, wait cantaloupe isn't green. Maybe Honeydew. And what do you mean there is a restricti


I'm not evil, just gravely misunderstood... And filled with wrath.