My name is Dan. It used to be Daniel or Danny. so I changed it. Also, You can call me Dark Danny, or Dan Phantom, or maybe even “Jerky Future Danny,” but I wouldn’t recommend that last one… it tends to be hazardous to one’s health.

Expect me to cause chaos and mess with all of you for my own amusement… Favorite Quote (by self): "If I had an ounce of humanity left in me, this would be a rather touching little reunion." (Yes i love danny phantom, this is a Dan phantom cosplaying account. i'd talk like this if i were to talk out of character.)

Dan Phantom's powers and Abilities.

Ghost Sense – Dan can sense nearby ghosts. When he does, a wisp of red ectoplasm comes out of his nose. It even works when his younger self is coming. This is most likely due to the fact that he is a fusion of Vlad's ghost half, and therefore has different DNA. It is unknown if he has the cold generation abilities that Danny learned in Urban Jungle.

Intangibility & Invisibility - He has the ability to disappear and to be able to pass through solid objects.

Flying/Floating/Hovering - Standard ghost powers.

Paranormal Strength, Speed, Agility and Durability - Dan is obviously far more durable than Danny or Vlad. He can even survive the blast of a Tracker (Valerie Gray) as seen in the show. He was able to lift a tank and throw it with ease.

Overshadowing/Possession - Standard ghost powers.

Ectoplasmic Energy Blast - "Ghost Ray" - His blast is composed of green ectoplasm; it is stronger than Danny's blasts seeeing that he was able to blow up cars, large parts of buildings, and even murder Danny.

Ectoplasmic Energy Shield - "Ghost Shield" - He isn't seen using any shields , but seeing as Danny and Vlad both have the power, it is likely that he has one or more of them. And seeing that his blasts are the same color as Danny's it is likely that it is green.

Wall Walking – Dan, as well as many other ghosts, can walk on uneven and vertical surfaces as though they were horizontal. Most likely this is an application of his flying/hovering ability.

Ghost Stinger – Dan uses this pseudo-electric attack to cause Danny to turn back into a human and to knock Jazz out.

Ghostly Wail - In The Ultimate Enemy, Dan develops the unique ability to generate an extremely powerful shriek from his vocal cords and mouth, a bit like a Banshee's wail and it sounds like moaning ghosts. . It can cause terrible pain to ghosts and damage tangible matter. This technique is Dan's most powerful attack, and he's able to use it more than once without losing any energy, unlike Danny who could only use it once or twice but afterwards would quickly be drained of his energy and revert back to his human form. When he learned this ability he used it on Ember, destroying her vocal cords and causing her to become overweight in an alarmingly short time. After Danny was thrown in the Ghost Zone, he also gained this abillty. When he uses this attack on Dan, he is totally shocked because Dan doesn't learn that ability until ten years later. This shows that Dan has indeed changed the past, and by doing so, he winds up giving Danny a new ability over Vlad Masters.

Duplication - Dan can create about five doubles, possibly a few more. These doubles can be invisible when made, and can be made in his disguise. Though it's possible the fifth double was a mistake on the show.

Ectoplasmic Shaping - Dan is capable of forming binds and ropes out of ectoplasm.

Gaseous Form- He can turn into a green gaseous form, as seen when Future Valerie threw an Ecto-Grenade at him.

These are some attacks that Danny can't do at all

Shapeshifting – Dan took on the form like the real Danny Fenton in order to disguise his appearance. It can be assumed that this ability covers all humanoid creatures, as well, though it is possible he could transform into Danny due to his connection with him.

Ghost Portal Creation- He can create temporary portals into the ghost zone by merely waving his hand. It was possible when Dan destroyed the Fenton Portal, he gained the power.

Immobilization - He can freeze a person by touching or facing his hand at them.

Ectoplasmic Goo - He can shoot ecto goo like Spider-Man's webs.

Advanced Spectral Manipulation – Dan has gained the ability to change the shape of his body. Among these occasions include stretching along the waistline, creating holes in his stomach, temporarily vaporizing his middle, and turning his head 180 degrees.

Intangibility Fusion – Dan was able to fuse one of Clockwork's time medallions into Danny through the use of his intangibility powers. While fused, the object inserted is unreachable by human or ghost abilities; it can, however, be removed through the use of special equipment (I.E., the Ghost Gauntlets).

Sleep Beam - Dan was able to shoot Jazz with a "sleep beam", but it didn't hurt her like an ordinary beam; it just knocked her out. (it could just be more control over the strength of his ghost ray)

Also, some people call me: Dark Danny, Dan Phantom, Dark Danny Phantom, Dan Plasmius. But my real full name is Daniel Fenton. Don't call me Daniel or Danny or else you'll regret it.


Dan phantom's history.

Hello, Dan phantom here. it's Dan, not Danny. Jeez I hate it when you people get confused like that. Anyways, I'm the evil, 'jerk' old self of Danny phantom, my 14 year old self. And I'm a truly evil ghost, both in the ghost zone and the human world.



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BM Vivi

Report | 04/17/2018 11:22 pm

BM Vivi

((Nice avi.))
Better Off This Way

Report | 04/09/2018 8:10 pm

Better Off This Way

Petite Bat

Report | 08/16/2016 9:31 pm

Petite Bat

Sure yeah
Ember McLain Is Here

Report | 08/06/2016 3:28 pm

Ember McLain Is Here

Sneaks up behind and steals cape because she can then runs like mad laughing.
Clockwork Meiou

Report | 08/05/2016 6:37 pm

Clockwork Meiou

"What you call meddling, I call prevention."
Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Report | 10/12/2015 5:26 pm

Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Yea biggrin
Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Report | 10/06/2014 9:59 pm

Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

((Thats alright xD))

Sam rolled her eyes and smirked. "No, thats alright. The poor old man needs it anyway". She then cracked her back and said "me, on the other hand. I will be just fine."
Sam looked at Danny though and said "however I do not understand why they all ganged up on me. I know I am a big known ghost hunter, but still. That was a bit of over kill"
She then stood upright, her limp leaving her. She smiled, glad her fast healing worked very well.
Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Report | 10/02/2014 8:43 pm

Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Sam smirked, there wasn't all bad in him. She then felt him hug her and was slightly confused, but then hugged back. When he kissed her cheek she blushed slightly and looked to the side, however hearing his question she looked at him and nodded, then preceding to get up. Her whole body still hurt, and she had a bit on a limp. However the healing was going rather quickly. She smiled, grateful Clockwork had gave her that special medication.
Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Report | 10/02/2014 10:46 am

Haruhi -Natural- Fujioka

Sam looked at him, she had a feeling he and clockwork didn't get along..
Sam then felt a burning sting. She closed her left eye fighting back a scream from the pain. She could remember the pain from the nasty burger incident, this pain feeling almost the same way. Her left eye then widened with the realization of pain. Tears weld up in her eyes and her vision went dark.
However she could still hear everything around her. She heard the growl from Danny and his shoot a ghost ray. She could hear him fly over to her, hear him crying. She wished she could say something, see something. She only had one good eye, she didn't want to loose that too.
I can't die she thought to herself.
Then, she focussed all of her energy of the pain, all of it to heal and stop the pain, a good portion of the healing went for her eye. She then felt the pain slowly start to fade.. however it was still not fully healed. Sam kept focusing on healing, she then got her vision back and looked up at Danny who was crying. She then smiled slightly saying "I was told that wasn't possible".
Count Vladimir Dracula

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Count Vladimir Dracula

The Count smiles amused, “You came all this way just to say that?”