Text too much.
Sleep too much.
Think too much.
Think way too much.
Care too much.
Try too hard.
Too shy.
Way too shy.
Too tired.
Too easily distracted.
Too skinny.
Too forgetful.
Too forgiving.

Feeling sorry for someone has never helped anyone.
You can't please everyone.
Everyone in the world is a hypocrite to some degree.
You may be the only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.

I'm Jameson, call me Jake.
5'9, 130 lbs.
Don't drink, don't smoke.
My favorite bands are Her Demise My Rise, Elysia, and As Blood Runs Black
I smile on the outside, laugh hysterically on the inside.
Sleep is a waste of time.
Friends can be the greatest and the worst things to have, and they are definitely worth it.
It doesn't take much to amuse me.
I can't spell very well.
I play bass, and I love to play Killwhitneydead, Blue October, and Metallica.
I have my license.
I love to threaten to firebomb/throw a Molotov cocktail at stuff I don't like.
If you decide to tell me in detail your job and what happens at work, I'll firebomb your house.
Seeing people cringe at the sound of my favorite songs makes me smile.
I love to play video games.
I serve food for a living.
I feel naked without a sweatshirt and I alternate between two or three sweatshirts every day.
I like coffee but it makes me sick.
I love to be sarcastic.
I don't like to talk.
I tend to be the last one to talk on a forum or AIM conversation, and it makes me feel stupid and annoying.
I love to stay up all night.
I struggle to say "I love you" to people I actually love.
I'm 17, look 14.
Don't hit me to get my attention, I have a name for a reason.
I'm way too over protective to my female friends, and ever to some girls I don't know, and I don't know why.
Guys constantly prove my belief that they are all perverted single minded shallow creatures, and I'm often disgusted to be of the same sex as them.

AIM: Yarrtehpirate


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Jake's random thoughts

Everything written here will range from serious things to silly thoughts... Honestly I struggle to tell the difference with myself, I can't tell if what im thinking is how i seriously think or something i came up with when I've had too much caffeine


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Quiet, you.

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Pak thank you for the comment and CoCo

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hah papiya i dont no why i compared THAT to a papiya

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"why do you have a watermelon in a cage?"
ll drift ll

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ll drift ll

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Masquerade Prince

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Masquerade Prince

Love your profile

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lol i was upppsettt.

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xD yeah i tried talking to you but, you lefffftt..

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jigsawww. a coouppple of minuutes ago. : P


Someone crack this sh*t and turn this room into a circle pit.[/color:65b1af5530]