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Ah crap, it's way past time to update this page again! So let's start with who I am! I'm a gamer, an artist-in-the-making, a music addict, a lover of color. I'm a fighter when you threaten the people I care about, but I'm also known to cuddle like a kitten if you can fight past the clawing and biting. No, seriously, I meow. It's just a me thing. I'm usually on some sort of emotional rollercoaster- my highs and lows hit fast and hard. If you can ride it out, I hear I can be pretty cool. If not, well, too bad.

I've been around Gaia for a while now, amassing cheap-a** items I find odd uses for and a few really good things to go with them. I like to be charitable and give to my friends, and when I meet someone in the forums with a quest I like to donate, but if people come to my profile just to beg I'm likely to flip them the bird and say something crude. I swear a lot, and I won't stop doing it just to make you comfortable. Gaia has censors for that, just turn yours on. You have no right to cry about me saying '********' if you're too dumb to turn your censors on.

Currently I'm between jobs... yay life... but on the plus side I have my drawing tablet now, and I have my guitar, too! When I take over the world, Steve will be spared! I spend a lot of my time (when I'm not job hunting) playing games or roleplaying. Right now Skyrim is my biggest gaming addiction. I love the Thalmor. I walk right up to them wearing my Amulet of Talos. Yep! Looove the Thalmor! ((man, ******** the Thalmor...))

I fangirl over a lot of things. Zero from Megaman is a good example, or Kamui Gakupo. But if you really want to get me started, there's only one... Rinnosuke Morichika. I'm completely in love with a fictional character and I don't mind that state of being at all. Just leave me here to hug my book in peace!!!

I have fun getting creative in the kitchen, and I'm a wizard at baking, but still nothing beats going out for sushi with friends. They call my favorite roll- my own creation- the Neko Roll. On the inside you have tempura shrimp, crab, and cream cheese, and then you line the top with tuna and salmon. Mmm... I'm hungry just thinking about it...

The wish list from hell is still going strong. There's just so much there oh my god. Wish me luck!

Here's a fun joke to play. When you're in a car that's packed with people, it's freezing cold outside, and the windows are all up because the heater is on... or when it's a hot summer day and the air conditioning is on... start laughing maniacally for no apparent reason. When your friends ask why, just give them the most evil grin that you can and say "Excuse me!" You can feel free to let them know it's just a joke when they're all hanging out the windows in the freezing cold... or blistering heat... and screaming obscenities at you. My own mother actually called me seven kinds of b***h for this. Or you can just let their overactive imaginations continue to tell them that they actually smell something. It's pretty damned funny. And I never said it was a mature joke to play, just a fun one.

I am chaotic neutral. My mother calls me her "chaos daughter" (when she's not calling me seven kinds of b***h or chasing me with the squirt bottle) and I wear the title with pride. I do things that make people confused and say things that make them choke on their soda or whatever else might be in their mouths. I'm a pervert, but you won't see that side of me unless I'm comfortable with you. Pervert does not mean I immediately wanna get up close and personal with every guy I meet... I'm more likely to maim people like that. Just gimme time!

I can't be trusted with lighters. There's always a risk I will try to light your pants on fire. ((man, ******** your pants.))

And that concludes my... third update of my Gaia profile in a while. Hope you found it informative! If you read this far, have a cookie! I promise I bought these at the store rather than making them myself!

But if I did, they would probably have a laxative in them.

Seriously the best fukken Paffendorf ever! Topaz, you rule!

Friendly reminder: I do not like people. Enjoy.

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INfurN0w0lf Report | 03/17/2023 7:44 am
thank you for buying. cat_smile
mizoryluvsme Report | 12/09/2021 4:40 pm
Thanks for the purchase heart
UniiVinez Report | 07/08/2021 5:57 pm
Thanks for buying! yum_tuna
Vector Theta Report | 06/13/2021 7:52 am
Vector Theta
Haha, thank you so much!

VeraTara Report | 05/24/2021 3:17 pm
thank you for buying heart
Wolf McNugget Report | 08/22/2020 2:32 pm
Wolf McNugget
Yup. Message me
Wolf McNugget Report | 08/22/2020 2:27 pm
Wolf McNugget
I finally finished all my current avatars
Jujuonis Report | 08/20/2020 8:45 pm
You too.
Wolf McNugget Report | 08/19/2020 2:34 pm
Wolf McNugget
Never hot to watch that
Wolf McNugget Report | 08/19/2020 1:38 pm
Wolf McNugget
Hm... i tried. But couldn't get past Ed's Japanese voice

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