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wind chimes are gay.


Remind me to update my interests.


This is what an ailuromaniac looks like

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The_Emotional_Jess Report | 09/01/2016 4:05 pm
Hey I'm really sorry that I disappeared for so long with no warning. But I have my head screwed back on right and am going to try to be active again. Would you be interested in rping with me again??? I promise to give notices if I'm going to be away. We could even start with all new characters.
RavingProductions Report | 04/05/2016 9:34 pm
What I really meant to say is this: I would often go on here just to play endless zOMG. When the game got taken down for good, I joined the guild to take an interest in roleplaying. Now that the guild is also gone, I feel like the other small RP guilds are about to be taken down as well.

I feel like my only options around here would be playing Kindred or just hanging out at the towns, rally, and VH. Like seriously, I miss the old days on here!
RavingProductions Report | 04/05/2016 3:26 pm
I'm already losing hope for all the other smaller guilds.

You know the game zOMG? Well, when I first made a new account, I wanted to join a guild now that the game's gone for good. (I was hacked when I had an old account)

So now I'm also wondering if there's anywhere else... besides Chatzy or skype or even email...
RavingProductions Report | 04/04/2016 8:09 pm

the guild got shut down? like... seriously? thats why it didnt show?

everyone's stories for all slaves and masters...
RavingProductions Report | 04/04/2016 1:14 pm
I think there's another bug in Fallout 4, but maybe they removed it by now.

In some town, if you try to use an elevator, the game just freezes there, but you can still move around the elevator; you just can't get out of it, though. In another town, the game auto-crashes if you even try to enter it. Can't remember which ones, though, but I heard about the warnings from IGN
RavingProductions Report | 04/04/2016 11:11 am
I was thinking about getting one mod where you can just sustain in midair after jumping, but that would be after I complete the main story (if I have the game). Although, it could be a bit OP...

plus, i was bummed they removed the glitch where people can exploit it... something about dropping an item called "you're special" in front of the dog and then quickly picking it up before he could so that you end up having a second copy of it in your inventory and therefore have infinite stats. i showed my brother and he was trying to exploit it, but it's hard because you have to time it really, really fast before your dog can try and pick up the book (and it can take a while)
RavingProductions Report | 04/04/2016 9:08 am
do you ever add mods while playing Fallout 4, like... ones that don't make it look like youre cheating?

my brother has the game on his laptop; he added a mod where everytime you die, it autoplays that "bad day" song from daniel powter. and it's supposed to be funny. i even suggested for him to get a mod that plays "I will remember you" from sarah mclachlan for every time he gets killed xD
RavingProductions Report | 04/03/2016 11:37 am
I had no idea they officially announced Elder Scrolls 6. I looked it up, they said we'll be expecting it in 2017.
RavingProductions Report | 04/03/2016 8:36 am
Oh... not sure if you also heard this... but one of the Fallout 4 voice actors accidentally spilled a glass of water containing information about Fallout 5 already in development, meaning that there is a chance the 5th will be officially confirmed, although I'm still not sure if it's just a plain rumor.
RavingProductions Report | 04/03/2016 8:30 am
I'll try and get it. I've seen gameplay of it and figured even the graphics are good so far.




woo look at all these stalkers!

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