Name: Setsuna Meioh (探拨せつな)
Birthday: October 29
Blood Type: A
Favorite subject: physics
Favorite Food: Egg Plant
least favorite subject: Music
Skill: Sewing
Likes: Shopping, green tea
Dis-likes: Cockroaches
Dream: To become a Fashion Designer

I love Sailor Pluto. I even have the doll >< But still the canon stats given by Naoko Takeuchi don't seem to fit the character we have all come to love from the manga/anime/etc so here's ma own version

Name: Pluto
Birthday: October 29
Blood Type: A
Favorite subject: physics, history, quantum physics, astronomy
Favorite Food: Egg Plant, Ice cream
least favorite subject: in truth idk she doesn't seem to hate learning.
Skill: creeper. stalker, ninja, raveing (inside joke)
Likes: King Endymion, green tea, science, Rini, stalking, Sailor Saturn, raves (inside joke)
Dis-likes: Cockroaches, breaking of the taboos
Dream: To not be lonely/ King Endymion

1. NES Snake
2. XSesu-KunX

Who? Who is the form fallowing the function of what and what I am is a person on the internet. But permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace sobriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona.

Good day my fair ladies and gentlemen of the noblest families and the highest aristocracies, join me in celebration of the vestiges of the eminent past. I stand here before you a bridge spanning the ages. Verily, I assemble verbose oration but I know the individual spirit lives untouched in the core of the suppliant populace now an invariable remnant forever transfixed in a paradoxes fray. To ensconce this ideal in to the heart of the masses allowing them to rally the vox populi is my aim. If you have seen what I’ve seen then let’s give them trepidation to span humanity. Join me in jettisoning their aspirations of indistinguishable natives into the seas of fate. Join me in the initiation of the volition of various valorous and virtues personages of every precedent. Now let us disregard the fêted erstwhile conducts of our ancestors and bring about an immaculate potential that hasn’t been established in what seems eons. This epoch will emancipate and consolidate the hearts of all who will take notice of our jubilant and superlative truisms then they themselves will create their own maxim. Irrevocably let me cordially and genially thank thee. I anticipate your synthesis with your I. Fair thee well and may your journeys and quests always lead you to a warm fire.

This is my Mission statement.

To understand this is to understand me.


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Your avatar is very cute! ^-^ I like it heart
Elizabeth of York

Report | 12/08/2010 9:42 pm

Elizabeth of York

Thou hast good taste in music!
Hot fire heart

Report | 12/08/2010 12:02 am

Hot fire heart

thnx for buying
Cosmos Princess

Report | 12/05/2010 6:21 pm

Cosmos Princess

It's OK, and I know the pain of not knowing what to wear, I spent an hour last week trying to figure it out. Perhaps something with a holiday feel?
Cosmos Princess

Report | 12/05/2010 6:09 pm

Cosmos Princess

I'm doing pretty well, sweatdrop I kinda just burned myself., but what can you do.
Cosmos Princess

Report | 12/05/2010 6:00 pm

Cosmos Princess

How are you my friend?
Cosmos Princess

Report | 12/02/2010 1:00 am

Cosmos Princess

Your avi is Sailor Pluto? smile That makes me so happy I'm Sailor Cosmos.
Glitched Cannibal

Report | 06/05/2010 3:44 am

Glitched Cannibal

long time no talk <3
i changed accounts, please add

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i like ur avi

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hi sister : D