If you have been unfairly banned for botting, or support our cause, please wear a white flower.

the multimedia contains some images and lyrics that are not suited for younger viewers.

Welcome to my small space here on GAIA. I know my post count isn't all that high for my membership date, but that is because I used to be on TheEveoftheNight for the last two years. But you might be wondering why I am no longer on her. That's because that account was banned for botting and/or profitting from botting. This event brought a shocking halt to my quest for a devil tail that I had been trying to achieve for the last two years. Though I would still love to get a Devil Tail, that has now become a dream.

I still have not recieved any word from the admins or the moderator involved since I sent in my complaint. Though this event should not allow for my feelings and respect to drop, it is rather quickly, but my understanding is still going strong. I understand that they are busy with massive plans for the anime conventions and the GAIA site itself and so I can wait a little while longer.

With the possibility of me never getting my main account back, I have made a list of items that I would like to gain back in due time. Some of the items are actually doubled, but those will be noted when the time comes. Any and all donations are being accepted and I do appreciate the help greatly. If you feel you cannot give to me, then feel free to leave me a hug. Thank you for visiting.

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give TheEveoftheNight more *HUGS*

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Here it comes... The part you all have been dreading where I give a bit of background information on myself. I'll give the online and real life tid bits as I go. STALKERS! xP

My real name is... Well, you don't get that kind of information. Why? Because my name would be a mockery and only dear friends really know it. It's something I'd rather not share over the internet.

My location varies due to how much traveling I do. I am a Civil War Reenacter and I go wherever the battles are being held at. It's also a great time for me to spend with my mother, father, love, and good friends. Look it up sometime.

Yes, that is my real age over there. You can go ahead and say that I'm some old person and it's pathetic that I'm on this "kiddy" site, but I come here to let loose of my creativity and stay in contact with those I love and care about. No, I'm not going to be your girlfriend just because I'm older and have real money. You can pull that on someone your own age.

As you can tell by my interests, I love to play God alot. Sims 2 is my God chance. As for roleplay, I have things I will and will -not- do. I might as well just list the don't's since they are very short. I do -not- do slave/master roleplays, sleepovers, and fanfic roleplays. No, I will not do a romantic roleplay with anyone other than Aidian.

The website on the side shows most of the roleplay characters I have created throughout the years. Some of them are retired and others are just thoughts that never got far off the ground. The site is still under massive construction, but feel free to look around.

On this site I am usually seen in the Charity/Quest subforum. I am actually an owner for Questline: A Charity for the Questing Gaian along side Yuuka Kurokawa and Aidian Kyros. I am almost always on some form of quest, just take a peek in my signature.

When I'm not in the charity, I am roleplaying like mad. I stated above my don'ts with roleplay. Don't even bother PMing me asking me to take part in them. I won't do it and you'll tick my muse off terribly.

As for my current occupation, I am a college student seeking out a job. So far, that's been more difficult than planned. If I get nothing during the summer, I know openings will be available when school starts up again. No, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. But I do want a big front and backyard with cows, horses, my loving boy, and two kids (boy & girl).

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Art by LadySoy, BridgeChan, WoefulInfinity, and The White Cherry


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This is crazy BS.
Aidian Kyros

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Aidian Kyros

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Aidian Kyros

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Aidian Kyros

Aidian Kyros

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Aidian Kyros

^_^ My sweet love...

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Aidian - *luffs on, showering with kisses*
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Aidian Kyros

*loves on forever and ever and ever and ever and aver and ever and ever*

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Good Night My Baby

Good night my baby
I love you so
Good night my baby
Please don't go
For if you do
What might I do
Good night my baby
Good night for now

In the mornning
When I'm gone
Wait not for me
If I don't come
Wait not for me
For as your's is
My heart is gone
Gone like the wind
Gone, gone fare away
I have moved on

Who she is
You'll never know
She whome you love
I just lothe
But fear not
I have moved on
Off of you and on just on
Yes, now for me
Men are gone
Only women are Here
Here to heal
Here to stay
Here to never go away

Now you have no one
No one but her
Mine is no more
Your love inpure
And gone are you
Gone, gone fore good

My love go outs out
Out to all whome have been hurt

This poem was inspired by 911.

and howed you get the ausome avi above???

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Aidian Kyros

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*gives Eve all of his heart and soul because he loves her that much*


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Eve est: Can't wait to be at Aidian's side forever...
Aidian loves Evelyn with all of his heart and soul