[06/22/10] OMG, yep I've finally come home to gaia.Love all the new additions, to the save outfit closet, finally seeing zOMG that it actually can to life XD Still remember the big fuss of gathering any gaia item weapon that people were obsessed with. Made a bunch of new friends, miss my old ones, and hope them all the best of luck wherever they are. Ijy, my master, I miss you <3. I still don't quite understand the aquariums, but slowly I am getting them. Too bad I killed all my free fish way back when XD

[06/13/08] ^-^ rawr, so I finally got a full time job, but ahhhhhhh overnights @_@ I'm gonna die, but at least the salary is slightly better. So yeah, my sleeping schedule, well life schedule will go to hell for a couple of weeks while I adjust. Therefore artwork will be backed up.

[01/27/08]Looky at the nice avvie art Dromant_Disarray drew for me <3
User Image
User Image

[01/21/08]I'm quitting gaia for the time being, well an extended vacation really XD. Had my fun, but it's gotten boring, really only been coming to see people, but I hardly see them. Really into another online game so yeah, will only be coming online occasionally to do some guild stuff. Adios <3 Eva

[01/08/08]Wow, I just feel really depressed and stressed lately. My marks for the first semester were horrible, well the only mark they updated for me was T _ T and this semesters schedule is all messed up. I feel like I haven't completed anything worthwhile in 2007 to round it off. God, life really sucks right now. I think I'll quit work and just go hide in a dark black corner and draw!

[11/04/07]Only a month to go till exams, and luckily they are pretty well spaced out. I can't wait for them to be over so I can get art work posted, finish up some promised artwork, and just get my avvie updated.

[05/29/07]Completed my tin hat eight days back <3 Thanks for all those donations and than-you desdemona for bumping my quest thread heart

[05/15/07] Woot, I'm over 80% completion for my tin hat questy <3 And would like to give a shout of appreciation to everyone who has donated towards this quest, I heart you all X3

Random Writtings: Grawrrr <3 Not much to say at the moment, but I'm happy that it's summer, although I'm really looking forward to next schoolyear. XP I'm such a nerd at times XD

Name: Elena (aka: Eva,Eviee,Yena,Eleanor,bubbles,etc...)
If you're wondering what my middle and last name it's simple. I don't have a middle name so that makes it easy no? and I don't like giving my last name because of stalkers!...that and people have difficulty pronouncing it and typing it so yeah >.> I'm tired of hearing people end my last name with rat when there's a 'j' and it's pronounced as an 'i' and not a 't'!

A little bit about me: I am a quiet person, timid and shy, very artistic, aspires to be an architect one day, online game addict. I'm 19 will be 20 this coming April. Hopefully there won't be an exam on my birthday. I get into moods of not wanting to talk for long periods of time. It happens randomly, so don't take it personally if I stop talking. It could just be that I'm depressed, or overly stressed, or just bored of life. I'm currently enrolled in the biomed program at Ottawa U.

Likes: Anime, drawing, painting, creating jewelry, spending time with friends, Gaia, creating simple animations, talking to random people about random things. I heart hugs, so spare one for me? whee I might even start a hug counter.

Dislikes: Feeling depressed and cutting, excessively illiterate people, thunder storms etc...

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Avvie Art:
User Image
User Image

-Sephybrid <3 <3 <3 Ty for the prism mantilla, will work wonders towards my quest of a Compass of Seidh.
-Valas22 <3 <3
-hiro854 <3 you're my hero
-canedra <3 Ty for my lovely bouquet
-Elf_kin <3 Ty for my outlaw biker boots
-Dawnee <3 Ty for your 1k donation
-Fairwyn <3 Ty for your 0.6k donation
-[SHiNoBi] <3 A hug ^^
-Dawnee <3 Ty for your 1.2k donation
-Brase <3 Ty for your donation of 5k

Other dream avvies:

"Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find my soul and I'm yours forever."


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