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Hi everyone! I hope you don't mind me talking about myself...if you do, well, then why are you at my profile? That's what this thing is for, right? Right.

Anyways, I've been neglecting my Gaia account for a while and figured I'd update for fun and profit. Ok, just because I should.

I'm an Air Force brat that was raised in WV for the first 10 years of my life. I'm 20 years old physically and 3-6 years old mentally. I can be very mature or very childish and rarely find a medium between the two.

I can be very shy, very mean, very playful, or very calm. I can NOT be all four at once. Maybe two or three, but not all; I am RARELY mean. I'm usually shy with new people face to face and cautious of those online. (Hey, I am a girl and I do worry about such things.)

I'm an Otaku. I love my Anime, Manga, etc.

I can be a nerd when it comes to said anime/manga/etc. and don't care how you feel about that.

I can be an EXTREMELY friendly person when I'm in a good mood and a really big pain when I'm not. (Usually, I get really stressed and have nervous break downs that result in me crying myself to sleep, but it can be months between said fits. Otherwise, I can get to be a pain when I'm mad about something, usually not having enough privacy, but taht's what I get for living with my parents still.)

I like my privacy. If you want to be my friend, let me know, but it may take a little bit of messaging back and forth to get to know you first.

I used to have another account, but I don't have that e-mail account anymore so I can't get on it anymore.


Youtube: Mykekkonshiki

Kekkonshiki is a duet of two of my favorite people from Misawa, Japan. They are really, really talented and I'm NOT just saying that. I love their music and I can be picky about music. GO KEKKONSHIKI!


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My time on Gaia, and stuff...

Ok, this is to write about whatever, whether it be what I want that I didn't put on the wishlist, to what I've done on any certain day and other general stuff...


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Pelvic Sorcery Report | 08/25/2014 5:36 pm
Pelvic Sorcery
Damn. That's sh*tty.
Pelvic Sorcery Report | 08/25/2014 4:47 pm
Pelvic Sorcery
Ikr? It was so bad I went blind for like 10 seconds and my ears were ringing until I went to sleep. gonk
Samsas_KuroGrell Report | 08/16/2014 7:44 am
Thanks a bunch! If you run out of caches I'd be happy to get you some more, good luck with your alchemy :3
Samsas_KuroGrell Report | 08/16/2014 7:29 am
I dont have any of that but I have a 500 pack of caches and some other items left over when I was doing alchemy.
Samsas_KuroGrell Report | 08/16/2014 7:06 am
Would there be something you'd like to trade for your grell item? I dont have much gold atm...
Pelvic Sorcery Report | 07/09/2014 11:21 am
Pelvic Sorcery
I've been too lazy to sell anything.
I've just been playing around with the items I still have.
I might do TekTek again.
Pelvic Sorcery Report | 07/09/2014 10:20 am
Pelvic Sorcery
Right? That, and most people who had those event items items either junked junked or went inactive.
Pelvic Sorcery Report | 07/09/2014 8:37 am
Pelvic Sorcery
I got an old Toy Story Cowboy Hat sponsored item that's worth over a million gold now.
It was like twenty gold or something last time I was on.
And it actually sells like three-to-five times per month on the MP.
Pelvic Sorcery Report | 07/09/2014 1:04 am
Pelvic Sorcery
All the good items got expensive, eh?
Pelvic Sorcery Report | 07/08/2014 4:22 pm
Pelvic Sorcery
Same here.
It seems items that used to cost thousands now cost billions.
You richer than you were before you last used Gaia?


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I love this image so much...


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Name: Catharine May (or Catie May not!)
Alias: Rose Thorn, Venus F. Trapp
Cell # 6969
Age: 21
Weapons: Thorn Whip, Knives
Crimes: Armed Robbery, Murder, Breaking and Entering, Rape, Assault of a Police Officer, etc.
Illness: Multiple Personalities based on emotions
Personalities: Dangerous, Perky, Sad, Chaotic, Relaxed, Good, and Complete
Notes on Personalities: Dangerous is very flirty. Most of Rose Thorn's crimes are committed be Dangerous, though Chaotic has been known to commit the worst ones. Dangerous is definitely the cause for the many cases of rape RT has committed.
Sad doesn't commit crimes, though she sometimes helps by gaining sympathy from foes so that they drop their guard. Is usually thrown into control when she's needed.
Perky is the oddball of the group. When out, she doesn't commit crimes, but acts like a bit of a cheerleader, rooting on the others from inside RT's mind when not in control. Rarely tries to takeover.
Good is the only side that would apologize for what the others have done. She's RT's conscious, and is rarely, if ever, given control.
Relaxed is calmer than the others. She usually does nothing more than listen to music and critique others' actions. She does her best to not come out unless RT needs to pretend she didn't do anything...
Chaotic is simply that. She is there to have fun and create havoc among the world. She usually hides out when doctors question RT about her personalities, and Complete RT sees no reason for her to tell the doctors about her, lest they double her security.
Complete RT is who she was before her trauma. After the trauma, the multiple facets of her personality split into several that vie for control of the body. Complete RT is apathetic, caring really for nothing more than to be left alone, though if others wish to approach her, she'll not deny them, though if control is changed, she won't warn them either. Complete RT is the most sane out of all of them, though sometimes she's as bad as Chaotic, so this shows how sane she really is. She speaks of the world in alignments, hers being Chaotic Neutral. She claims her patron god to be Arioch, the Lord of Chaos from the "Elric of Melniboné" stories by Michael Moorcock and doesn't care how many people try to say he doesn't exist. Some rumors state that Complete and Chaotic are the same personality, the only difference being how much trouble she feels like causing at the time, but none of the personalities will say anything about that...

Other Comments: Rose Thorn seems normal when she wants/needs to, but once she enters Arkham, she sees no reason to bother. Everyone here knows she's insane, or she wouldn't be there. And with Arkham on her record, if she somehow escapes, the people on the outside will know too, so there is no more reason to act like them when they know she isn't like them.
She enjoys Arkham, finding a bit of inspiration from some of the inmates there, like Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Mad Hatter. She would love to meet them, but won't advertise such fact as that would give other inmates an advantage over her.
Oddly, she can be a good judge of character when it comes to normal people. She finds normalcy boring and prefers interesting people like the inmates of Arkham. Some might think she came here by her own will...

Rose Thorn wants to play!